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adsldp.dll - What is adsldp.dll?

adsldp.dll File Description:

Active Directory typically calls on the Lightweight Directory Access Protocol (LDAP) to communicate with LDAP servers. This process is brought about by the adsldp.dll module.

The LDAP can be used as the primary means to access Active Directory and maximize all of Active Directory's capabilities. The LDAP allows clients on multiple platforms to access the directory services of AD by using TCP/IP. For practical use, the Active Directory Service Interface works best with LDAP directories as it fully supports all the features offered by AD.

A main function embedded in the adsldp.dll file is the prevention of naming collisions. Naming collisions usually occur when multiple objects are accessed from a directory service. This results in system errors and corrupted data.

The adsldp.dll file calls on the ADsPath function in the Active Directory Services Interface to implement a binding string. Binding strings prevents naming collision as it uniquely identifies an ADSI object on a directory service. ADSI objects exist within the context of the namespace of the LDAP. Thus, part of the syntax of an ADsPath name is provider-specific. The provider names, in this case, the LDAP, are used to access the default provider namespace. When binding to LDAP, ADSI binds to a container that contains the domain object currently logged on. Typically, binding strings can be applied for a single directory service provider or across multiple directory service providers.

In using the LDAP provider, the functions embedded in the adsldp.dll file used to implement the ADsPath can be specified in an X.500 distinguished name (DN) form, beginning with the CN tag. It can similarly be specified in its hierarchical inverse, starting with the O tag. The form used in the initial ADsPath or binding string determines the order of the tags. It should be noted, though, that syntax restrictions could occur due to namespace requirements in LDAP.

Active Directory is also capable of binding to an object using several other types of binding strings, such as a COM globally unique identifier (GUID) or a security identifier (SID).

Author: Microsoft Corporation
Author URL: http://www.microsoft.com/
Part of: Microsoft Windows 2000/NT and higher versions
Memory Usage: Low.
Associated Applications: Microsoft Windows Active Directory API
Background DLL: No.
Uses Network: No.
Hardware Related: No
Common Path: C:/ Windows/ system32/ adsldp.dll
DLL Version: 6.0.6000.16386


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The Reason for adsldp.dll Errors:

adsldp.dll errors are potential severe Windows file system errors and are caused due to a damaged registry that you should rectify at once to avoid additional failure in other applications and/or hardware. Risks include system device damage, blue screen errors and fatal crashes.

adsldp.dll Errors - Common Symptoms:

adsldp.dll errors bring forth a range of symptoms, including but not limited to: pc locks while starting up or shutting down, applications lock up, diminished system performance, internal speaker beeps, problems saving files, sluggish behaviour and trouble installing programs.

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