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adv02nt5.dll - What is adv02nt5.dll?

adv02nt5.dll File Description:

Digital Display Minidriver for Intel Graphics Driver is the identity of the adv02nt5.dll module with an internal filename known as the Adv02w2k.dll. The adv02nt5.dll module serves as a translator or interpreter between the Intel Graphics chipset and the operating system. The adv02nt5.dll module also has the ability to monitor the Intel Graphics Chipset's activities in the system.

The Intel Graphics Chipset is for Intel 810 that is integrated into graphics or multimedia platforms in the computer system. It contains a Graphic and Memory Controller Hub (GMCH) Host Bridge that integrates memory DRAM controller in an array of 64-bit 100 MHz DRAM, which provides maximum efficiency. An I/O Controller Hub (ICH/ICH0) Bridge for the subsystem, particularly for the I/O subsystem, is also included.

The file adv02nt5.dll sends customized commands to the Intel Graphics Chipsets whenever the operating system has requested its functions for displaying graphics. The Intel Graphics Chipset then sends data back to the adv02nt5.dll file so that it can inform the operating system that its request has been granted.

This chip consists of a 2D/3D graphics engine and a memory controller of the 810-chipset. The GMCH has three external buses and one interesting internal bus - the Memory Bus - 100 MHz, 64 bit = 800 MB/s. This means that the memory bus is in 64 bits wide, clocked at 100 MHz, thus offering a bandwidth of 800 MB/s. It is 50% more than the CPU bus bandwidth of only 533 MB/s. The "Interlink" Bus between GMCH and ICH is 133 MHz, 2x, 8 bit = 266 MB/s, which is already quite fast.

The Internal "Direct AGP" is in 100 MHz, 64 bit = 800 MB/s. This chipset does not come with AGP-connector externally, since the graphics controller is in the chipset already. So, it can communicate with the main memory at the full 800 MB/s, which is much faster. The Display Cache Bus in 100 MHz, 32 bit = 400 MB/s of the chipset is equipped with a 4MB optional display cache. The module adv02nt5.dll enables the smooth operation of the chipset in the hardware device.

Author: Microsoft Corporation
Author URL:
Part of: Intel Graphics Accelerator Drivers
Memory Usage: Medium
Associated Applications: Intel Graphics Accelerator Drivers, Windows NT Operating Systems
Background DLL: Yes
Uses Network: No
Hardware Related: Yes
Common Path: C:/ windows/ system32/ driver/ adv02nt5.dll
DLL Version:


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What Causes adv02nt5.dll Errors to Occur?

A common and likely reason for adv02nt5.dll errors is damage in the Windows registry - cleaning is necessary to protect against further harm in other software and/or hardware devices. Dangers include system device damage, blue screen errors and fatal crashes.

What are the Symptoms of adv02nt5.dll Errors?

adv02nt5.dll errors bring on numerous symptoms, such as: pc locks while starting up or shutting down, applications freeze up, reduced pc performance, case speaker beeps, problems loading documents, slow system behaviour and software installation trouble.

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