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atitvo32.dll - What is atitvo32.dll?

atitvo32.dll File Description:

ATI Technologies Inc., a company that designs video processors, motherboard chipsets and video display, authors the module atitvo32.dll. They had been in the industry since 1985 until their company merged with AMD. ATI and AMD boast its advance graphic cards called Radeon that is the main competitor of NVIDIA's GeForce. ATI-AMD Radeon and NVIDIA GeForce are the two most competitive brands in the market today.

The atitvo32.dll is a crucial module in running the ATI Rage Theater graphic card that is responsible in displaying all graphics, images and videos on your computer. The ATI Rage Theater Graphic card is part of the ATI Rage graphic chipset offering more advance functions such as the GUI, 2D acceleration, video acceleration, and 3D acceleration.

The module atitvo32.dll module which is designed for 32 bit operating system and is responsible for the ATI Rage Theater graphic card in performing video encoding and decoding, TV in and TV out functions making graphic inputs particularly compatible for TV web browsing. The Rage Theater encoder/decoder converts video images of Windows, Mac OS, games or DVD movies into all NTSC and PAL formats that makes it capable for TV viewing. To be able to generate high quality TV signals, the encoder uses a high programmable timing that ranges from graphic display modes ranging from 320x200 to 800x600. At the same time, the ATI Rage video in and out functions ensure that Composite and S-Video analog inputs in NTSC, PAL and SECAM format are translated into high quality video.

The most recent version of the module atitvo32.dll has the file size of 17.0 kilo bytes and has 20.0 kilo bytes size while running in your disk.

Author: ATI Technologies Inc.
Author URL:
Part of: ATI Rage Theater
Memory Usage: Low
Associated Applications: ATI ImpacTV COM interface
Background DLL: Yes
Uses Network: No
Hardware Related: Yes
Common Path: C:/ windows/ system32/
DLL Version:


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The Reason for atitvo32.dll Errors:

Upon experiencing errors with atitvo32.dll you are potential having a serious Windows registry error - the error could be the effect of damage in your registry and action is needed to repair it right away to avoid additional corruption to your file system. Experiencing these errors puts your computer in danger for fatal crashes, blue screen errors and even hardware failure.

Symptoms of atitvo32.dll Errors:

Common symptoms from atitvo32.dll errors include poor personal computer performance, excessive application start up times, failure accessing documents, excessive suspensions in application procedures, programs closing without an error, input freezes and applications crash.

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What is atitvo32.dll?    |    Scan for atitvo32.dll Errors    |    How to Fix atitvo32.dll Errors