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atv06nt5.dll - What is atv06nt5.dll?

atv06nt5.dll File Description:

Intel motherboards nowadays have all-in-one features. This means the user is no longer required to purchase separate pieces of hardware enhancements to be totally immersed in one's computing experience.

One of these enhancements is the pre-installed video graphics chip embedded on the motherboard. Aptly branded as Intel Graphics by none other than Intel Corporation, this embedded graphics chip takes away the cumbersome task of choosing which graphic card would be best for the system.

In the case of the atv06nt5.dll file, the system in this regard is NT 5.0 as evidenced by the nt5 in its DLL file name structure. The atv06nt5.dll module is a very interesting file. The atv06nt5.dll module does away with manual configuration of the video card. No more DIP switches to flip and no more IRQ conflicts to fix.

Windows NT is one operating system that is difficult to set up and maintain. Not only does this require to be networked, it also requires to be configured differently to suit the demands of the network administrator. This only makes the learning curve of Windows NT steeper.

Intel, therefore, came to the rescue and created an all-in-one wonder board. The atv06nt5.dll module has one function: make calls to the system to automatically reconfigure itself for maximum performance. The atv06nt5.dll module is a file that specializes in resolution control and monitor maintenance.

The atv06nt5.dll module is not meant for other video tasks. The main task of the atv06nt5.dll file is to maintain monitor resiliency and colour manipulation through protocols involving hue, contrast, brightness, saturation and sharpness controls.

The atv06nt5.dll module is not designed for heavy graphics applications like 3d games and movies. Forcing atv06nt5.dll module to navigate through these tedious tasks would require it to borrow resources mainly from the processing unit, which is totally inadvisable.

Author: Intel Corporation
Author URL:
Part of: Intel Graphics Driver
Memory Usage: Low
Associated Applications: Everything is the host system (hardware and software)
Background DLL: Yes
Uses Network: Yes
Hardware Related: Yes
Common Path: C:/ WINDOWS/ system32/ atv06nt5.dll
DLL Version:


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The Cause for atv06nt5.dll Errors:

When experiencing errors with atv06nt5.dll you are likely receiving a critical Windows file error - the error can be the effect of corruption to your registry and you should work to fix it immediately to prevent further corruption to your operating system. Risks include device failure, blue screen errors and fatal crashes.

atv06nt5.dll Errors - Common Symptoms:

Common symptoms with atv06nt5.dll errors include slower system speed, extended software load speed, trouble saving documents, long suspensions in program functions, applications shuts down without giving an error, input halts and programs lock up.

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