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autoplt.dll - What is autoplt.dll?

autoplt.dll File Description:

The file autoplt.dll is a part of Microsoft SQL Server version 8.0.94. The file autoplt.dll has a size of 1132 bytes and bears a creation date of March 26, 2005.

The SQL Server is an implementation of a relational model of how database management systems could carry out its duties in the most efficient way. The storage of data while maintaining a minimum or zero level of data loss and the simultaneous retrieval of data by multiple users while consuming the minimum amount of system resources are made possible by algorithms and structures governed by the rules of set theory and predicate logic. Briefly, RDBMS is the derivation of a DBMS making use of tables in both the storage of data and the indexing of data relations or references.

Even server-type environments such as SQL are open to modulation and the insertion of add-ons for the customization purposes of an administrator or frequent user. These additional services can take the native SQL server format for a component, or could be outsourced, as for example, a Windows Service that brings along its own Application Programming Interface, or API, in which the user may interact and input commands with - provided the sub API is compatible with that of the core server API.

Such an assortment of the SQL server add-on services include:

* Service Broker -- runs with the database engine to provide a robust platform for message transmission and message queuing

* Replication Services - synchronizes client-side replicated cached objects

* Analysis Services - uses an Online Analytical Processing engine, or OLAP engine, with support for multidimensional or hybrid-relational modes of data storage

* Reporting Services - quickly summarizes data, generating a report

* Integration services - after the collation and analysis processes, data is merged for cohesive forecasts

Moreover, SQL has three core components, and these include:

* Service Level Objectives - responsible for basic SQL server operation, memory and I/O management, and thread scheduling

* Relational Engine - responsible for relational database aspects such as type system, tables, stored procedures, and queries

* Protocol Layer - internal as well as external communications fields

The SQLServer, SQL2000, SQL Database, SQL2005, Query Analyzer, Enterprise Manager, SQL Server Management Studio, and TSQL are programs that need the task function of the file autoplt.dll. These need the functions of the file autoplt.dll in order to execute their respective embedded application features.

Author: Microsoft Corporation
Author URL:
Part of: Microsoft SQL Server
Memory Usage: Medium
Associated Applications: Query Analyzer, Enterprise Manager, SQL Server Management Studio, TSQL
Background DLL: No
Uses Network: Yes
Hardware Related: No
Common Path: C:/ Pprogram Ffiles/ Microsoft SQL Server/ 80/ Tools/ BIN/ autoplt.dll
DLL Version: 8.00.2039


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The Common Cause of autoplt.dll Errors to Occur:

autoplt.dll errors are possibly serious Windows errors and are often brought on due to a corrupted registry entry that should be rectified immediately to prevent additional failure in other software and/or devices. Having these errors puts your personal computer at risk for fatal crashes, blue screen errors as well as hardware failure.

Symptoms of autoplt.dll Errors:

autoplt.dll errors bring on many symptoms, including but not limited to: pc locks on shut down or start up, programs freeze up, diminished personal computer speed, internal speaker beeping, trouble loading documents, sluggish behaviour and failure while installing programs.

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