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passfilt.dll - What is passfilt.dll?

passfilt.dll File Description:

The file supplied by Microsoft used as a password filter by implementing a password policy to increase the password strength, is referred to as the module passfilt.dll program file. It is used for enhancing password security on systems running on the Microsoft Windows NT platform. You can use the password filter to filter domain or local account passwords. This program provides enhanced security against "password guessing" or "dictionary attacks" by outside intruders.

Windows when creating or capturing login passwords use the file passfilt.dll program. It provides functions that are used to apply a password security policy. The passwords are usually made up of 8 characters, both numbers, alphanumeric, in capital or lower case. It lets you enforce stronger password requirements for users.

In Windows 2000, the functionality of the passfilt.dll file is built right into the system. You can enable it simply by selecting Passwords must meet complexity requirements in the Local Security Settings dialog of the Administrative Tools control panel applet.

In Windows NT, the module passfilt.dll accepts only sufficiently complex passwords, those consisting of a mix of upper and lower case letters, numbers, and special characters.

The file passfilt.dll application is not necessary on backup domain controllers since the PDC is the only machine where changes to the domain accounts database are made. It should be installed on all BDCs because they can be promoted to PDC. If a BDC without this program is promoted to PDC, then strong password enforcement will be lost but there will be no other adverse effects.

Author: Microsoft Corporation
Author URL:
Part of: Windows Operating System
Memory Usage: Low
Associated Applications: Windows NT 4.0, Windows 2000
Background DLL: Yes
Uses Network: No
Hardware Related: No
Common Path: C:/ Windows/ system32/ passfilt.dll
DLL Version: 4.0.1381.164


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The Standard Reason for passfilt.dll Errors to Occur:

A common and likely reason for passfilt.dll errors is damage in the Windows registry - cleaning is required to protect against further damage in other software and/or devices. Dangers include system device failure, blue screen errors and fatal program crashes.

Symptoms of passfilt.dll Errors:

passfilt.dll error symptoms include program crashes, shut down or start up problems, slow pc performance, laggy behaviour, input halts, beeping sounds, problems accessing application files and problems during software installation.

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