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preferences.dll - What is preferences.dll?

preferences.dll File Description:

The preferences.dll file is a component of the Music Match Jukebox software. This software manages and plays music, create play lists, create and rip audio CDs. The preferences.dll module is used to store the users' music preference and the users' music genre interests, to be later on returned to the server on the Music Match website. Aside from this, the characteristics and the functionalities of the software could also be modified through the Applications Programming Interface of the preferences.dll module.

Music Match, Inc. was founded in February 1997, and after the release of the Music Match Jukebox software in 1998, became one of the leading developers of digital music software. The MusicMatch Jukebox gather the user options in the preferences.dll module for every component of the software - from the recording, organization, and digital music playing, recording songs into high quality digital music files from audio CDs, downloading music online, streaming music from the internet, and organizing a Music Library on the machine.

The software provides extra capabilities to organize, store, and easily find music files through the Music Library. The first time the software is run, automatically retrieves every supported files on the local drive and the way it is played can be adjusted using the preferences.dll module. The audio files will also be arranged by the software by means of its ID3 tag (which contains the song information like the title, artist, album, genre, etc.), and the information about it is also stored in the preferences.dll module to be later returned to the server by the Music Match guide component which can deliver back to the user further music files based on the preferences.

The Music Match Jukebox which uses the preferences.dll file was acquired by Yahoo! Inc. and is now known by the name Yahoo Music Jukebox which can be downloaded from Yahoo! Music Unlimited website. The Music Match software can be run in Microsoft Windows 2000, Windows 98 Second Edition, Windows XP, Windows ME, and Windows Vista.

Author: Music Match, Inc.
Author URL: http://www.musicmatch.com/
Part of: MusicMatch Jukebox
Memory Usage: Low
Associated Applications: MusicMatch Jukebox
Background DLL: No
Uses Network: Yes
Hardware Related: No
Common Path: C:/ Program Files/ Music Match/ Music Match Jukebox/
DLL Version:


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What Causes preferences.dll Errors?

When you get errors with preferences.dll you are likely having a critical Windows error - this error might be the effect of damage to your registry and action is needed to repair it right away to avert additional damage to the operating system. Dangers include hardware damage, blue screen errors and fatal crashes.

What are the Symptoms of preferences.dll Errors?

preferences.dll errors bring forth numerous symptoms, such as: computer locks on shut down or start up, applications freeze up, diminished system performance, internal speaker beeps, problems accessing documents, sluggish behaviour and failure installing software.

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