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System Error Codes

System error codes are displayed after encountering particular faults within your Windows operating system and software applications.

In many cases you may just be shown an error code number which gives no information about what the error really implies for you! In order to troubleshoot the error, it is required to recognize what a system error code signifies.

Complete System Error Code List

Device Manager Error Codes

Windows Device Manager reports its own specific type of error codes and error messages called Device Manager error codes. The Windows Device Manager generates error codes when your computer receives device driver issues, system resource conflicts, or other hardware trouble.

Complete Device Manager Error Code List

"STOP" Error Codes

STOP errors (Blue Screen of Death) happen when Windows experiences a serious error and must "stop" entirely to avert damage to the computer.

Troubleshooting a STOP error can be really tricky since it gives you no alternative but to restart the computer. STOP errors do, on the other hand, include a STOP code which can be utilized to search the cause of the error.

Complete "STOP" Error Code List

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