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cacheman.exe - What is cacheman.exe?

cacheman.exe Process Description:

The process cacheman.exe or Cacheman is associated to the Disk Cache Tweak and Monitor utility of the sofware Cacheman. Cacheman was developed by Outer Technologies. Upon the intialization of the cacheman.exe file, it also calls the host of DLLs, Exes and other related process needed to utilize the full capabilities of the Cacheman software.

The process cacheman.exe is situated in a subfolder of C:/Program Files. The cacheman.exe has a known file size ranging from 775680 bytes to 1290752 bytes (91% of all occurrence) on Windows XP. The cacheman.exe creates an icon in the system tray next to the system clock. The cacheman.exe file is a hidden file that can record inputs, manipulate other programs and monitor applications. The cacheman.exe process is not a Windows system process, and is not required to run at startup. Although it is required to run in the Windows boot process, the cacheman.exe can be included in the system registry as a Run Once for easy access of the Cacheman software.

There are other malicious copies of the cacheman.exe file that can adversely affect your system's performance thus it is advisable to regularly update your file security system. One popular file that presents itself as cacheman.exe is a spyware related to FavoriteMan. Such disguises of malwares can usually be found in the C:/windows folder or the system32 folder in the same directory.

The cacheman.exe application is a utility which enables tweaks to the Disk Cache settings and prevents frequent swapping of the data to hard drive.This feature results into an improved system performance, reaction time, and stability. The cacheman.exe application also corrects generic problems on systems that has RAM exceeding from 512 MB.

The cacheman.exe was developed by Outer Technologies for the Cacheman software. Cacheman is currently released as Cacheman 5.50.30 and has advance features such as command line version, memory recovery without running Cacheman in the background, more efficient memory recovery, several new Windows 2000/XP tweak settings, customizable tray icon display color, bug fixes and Windows XP theme support.

Author: Outer Technologies.
Author URL:
Part of: Cacheman
System Process: No
Application: No
Background Process: No
Uses Network: No
Uses Internet: No
Hardware Related: No
Common Path: C:/Program Files


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The Reason for cacheman.exe Errors:

cacheman.exe errors are possibly critical Windows errors and are caused by a damaged registry that you should fix immediately to prevent further failure in other applications and/or devices. Experiencing these errors puts your PC in danger for fatal crashes, blue screen errors and even device failure.

cacheman.exe Errors - Common Symptoms:

Typical symptoms with cacheman.exe errors include reduced system performance, long application start up speed, problems loading files, extended suspensions in program procedures, software closes without an error message, input freezes and software crash.

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