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camcheck.exe - What is camcheck.exe?

camcheck.exe Process Description:

The camcheck.exe process launches the SiPix CamCheck Application.

The camcheck.exe is a safe and legitimate process. As part of the software support for NuCam cameras, the camcheck.exe process is typically found in computer systems that have the NuCam camera as a part of it computer accessories. The user needs to manually install the camcheck.exe process for it to be present in the system.

Once installed, the camcheck.exe application occupies about 65536 bytes to 90112 bytes of space on the hard drive with a Windows XP operating system. The camcheck.exe program uses the registry key HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE/SOFTWARE/Microsoft/Windows/CurrentVersion/Run to run automatically once the system is booted. Running invisibly in the background, the camcheck.exe process has no visible window and cannot be directly accessed by the user.

The camcheck.exe program is part of the support software for NuCam cameras. Support software such as the camcheck.exe process ensures the smooth flow of information from the hardware to the computer's main brain. Companies like NuCam offer software support, like the camcheck.exe process, for their products to ensure that the user is able to maximize the use of their items.

The camcheck.exe program was developed and is being distributed by NuCam. NuCam designs and distributes digital cameras and camcorders. They have developed technology to provide solutions for instant image sharing. Its digital imaging devices come complete with support to ensure that it can connect with any computer and directly share images as the user sees fit.

Based in Taiwan, the NuCam Corporation continues in the ODM/OEM manufacturing of digital imaging products such as digital stills cameras and dual mode cameras. NuCam's Digital Still Camera models are 3.3M - Pixel, 2.1M - Pixel, 4 - in - 1 Multimedia Digital Camera (Digital Still Camera with digital video, voice recorder and computer camera functionality) and 3 - in - 1 Multimedia VGA cam (digital still camera with digital video and computer camera functionality). NuCam Corp's digital video products include the DV200 Mpeg4 DV Recorder and DV100 4 - in - 1 Digital Camcorder.

Author: NuCam Corp.
Author URL:
Part of: SiPix CamCheck Application
System Process: No
Application: No
Background Process: Yes
Uses Network: No
Uses Internet: No
Hardware Related: Yes, the camcheck.exe process is related to the NuCam camera.
Common Path: C:/Program Files


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The Cause for camcheck.exe Errors:

A common and likely reason for camcheck.exe errors is damage in the Windows registry - repairs are necessary to protect against further damage in other software and/or hardware devices. Dangers include device failure, blue screen errors and fatal software crashes.

camcheck.exe Errors - Common Symptoms:

camcheck.exe errors produce a range of symptoms, including but not limited to: computer freezes while starting up or shutting down, softwares crash, decreased personal computer performance, internal speaker beeping, trouble opening files, sluggish behaviour and application installation trouble.

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What is camcheck.exe?    |    Repair camcheck.exe File Errors    |    How to Fix camcheck.exe Errors