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clickt~1.exe - What is clickt~1.exe?

clickt~1.exe Process Description:

The clickt~1.exe process comes alongside the Click Tray Calendar, which is a software application that reminds you of holidays, anniversaries, meetings, schedules and other tasks. The useful tool is placed by the clickt~1.exe file on the System Tray right beside the clock.

The Click Tray Calendar software stays idly on the system tray unless you click your mouse over it. The clickt~1.exe runs on all Windows Platforms, and it is used in order to be able to run the Click Tray Calendar Software.

This application has a variety of functions and features like creating to-do notes and lists, enter tasks, and setting the alarm. It also has features like displays that shows moon phases, overview of the year, a reminder of dates, holidays, birthdays and other special occasions. In addition, it also has an address book as well as a font and color selection that allows you to modify the appearance of your Click Tray Calendar. It can also function as a screensaver while your computer is idle with the screen showing the current date. You can also make personalized calendars that are easy to make and can be printed. The Click Tray Calendar software has an interface that is user-friendly. The display can also be personalized and modified according to your preferences.

The author of the clickt~1.exe is Waseo. They are an independent software company based in Germany specializing in software tools that are useful to end-users.

The Click Tray Calendar software is available for download online from www.waseo.de as well as from other reputable shareware web sites. An important system Requirement for the clickt~1.exe process to run is that it should be in a Windows environment so that Click Tray Calendar can be installed and launched in your system. The file clickt~1.exe is not a Windows System file. The clickt~1.exe file is a safe process and can be left running on startup so that the Click Tray Calendar is already visible on your desktop. The clickt~1.exe file consumes around 30 Kb of memory, and it is located in C:/Programs/ClickTrayCalendar/clickt~1.exe.

Author: Waseo Inc..
Author URL: http://www.waseo.de
Part of: Click Tray Calendar Software
System Process: No
Application: Yes
Background Process: Yes
Uses Network: No
Uses Internet: No
Hardware Related: No.
Common Path: C:/Programs/ClickTrayCalendar/clickt~1.exe.


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What Causes clickt~1.exe Errors to Occur?

A typical and frequent explanation for clickt~1.exe errors is failure in the Windows program registry - fixing is needed to prevent more corruption in other applications and/or devices. Risks include device failure, blue screen errors and fatal crashes.

Symptoms of clickt~1.exe Errors:

Typical symptoms from clickt~1.exe errors include reduced system performance, long program start up times, trouble opening files, long pauses in program functions, programs closes without giving an error, input halts and programs crash.

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What is clickt~1.exe?    |    Scan for clickt~1.exe Errors    |    Repair clickt~1.exe File Errors