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cma.exe - What is cma.exe?

cma.exe Process Description:

The cma.exe process is a component of the Content Management Agent or DeskSite CMA. This application downloads data from the Desk Site Data Center. The cma.exe process executes the Content Management Agent so that communication is enabled by a portal on the user's desktop. The DeskSite CMA allows individual programs or Desk Site Channels to be accessed. These programs are usually like micro-entertainment programs that are about an individual subject entertainment brand or genre. The cma.exe process allows these sites on your desktop. Examples of content are videos, tracks and programming feeds. The desktop site display and deliver digital content that are licensed like TV-quality videos.

The consumer is alerted with visual or audio alerts when new content arrives. Videos are usually 3-9 minutes long and are requests from consumers or are preferred content according to their profile or are within their defined preference parameters. This provides a certain level of guaranteed relevancy. Apart from this, these videos includes a percentage of which are commercials. With this advantage, Desk Site also offer marketers the chance to target interested consumers rather than broadcasting to the whole lot. Desk Site not only provides quite an entertainment experience but also an advertising advantage that cannot be matched by other networks that are ad-supported.

The cma.exe process executes the DeskSite CMA so that these content are allowed to be retrieved and communicated to the consumer desktop. The developer of the cma.exe file is Desk Site Inc. The DeskSite web page is at The process cma.exe does not present itself to be a security threat and is a safe process. It is still advisable however to perform a registry scan on your system to verify that the cma.exe file is not a camouflaged malware. The cma.exe process executes when Windows is started and can be located on the Registry in HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE/SOFTWARE/Microsoft/Windows/CurrentVersion/Run. In addition the file cma.exe is located in subfolder of the Desk Site CMA Program directory. The cma.exe has a file size of 188416 bytes.

Author: DeskSite Inc..
Author URL:
Part of: DeskSite CMA or Desk Site Content Mangement Agent
System Process: No
Application: Yes
Background Process: Yes
Uses Network: Yes
Uses Internet: No
Hardware Related: No.
Common Path: C:/Programs/Desksite/DesksiteCMA/cma.exe


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The Reason for cma.exe Errors:

A typical and frequent explanation for cma.exe errors is failure in the Windows program registry - cleaning is needed to protect against more corruption in other applications and/or devices. Dangers include hardware failure, blue screen errors and fatal crashes.

cma.exe Errors - Common Symptoms:

cma.exe error symptoms include program freezes, start up or shut down troubles, jerky computer operation, sluggish behaviour, screen freezing, beeping sounds, trouble loading application files and errors during application installation.

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What is cma.exe?    |    How to Fix cma.exe Errors    |    Scan for cma.exe Errors