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configtool.exe - What is configtool.exe?

configtool.exe Process Description:

The process configtool.exe is the Multi-user configuration tool that is used on Palm PDA or Personal Digital Assistant devices. The configtool.exe process lets users access and modify their PDA's configuration settings. By installing the process configtool.exe into your computer, you will be able to configure the settings of your PDA easily. The process configtool.exe can be located in the Palm subfolder inside the Program Files folder of the Palm OS.

A Palm PDA or Personal Digital Assistant is a hand-held device that has Palm OS as its embedded operating system. A Palm PDA is specially designed to provide ease of use with its GUI or graphical user interface that is accessible via touchscreen technology. A Palm PDA contains a collection of different types of applications created for the purpose of managing personal information. This personal information management assistant has a hand writing recognition input system and TCP/IP network access. It is capable of synchronizing with personal computers. This feature is called the HotSync technology.

The company behind these PDA devices that use the process configtool.exe is the Palm Inc. Palm manufactures Personal Digital Assistants of various models including the popular products such as LifeDrive, Treo smartphones, Tungsten PDA's and the Zire.

It is highly recommended that you regularly scan your system for viruses and other forms of malware because there are certain types of malicious files that tend to camouflage as the configtool.exe process in order to infiltrate your system. These fake configtool.exe files are usually found in the OS folder and consume abnormal amounts of virtual memory when active. Eliminating malicious files in disguise keeps your computer and your PDA safe and clean. Also keep in mind that in order to avoid unwanted program failures, do not remove the process configtool.exe from its default installation folder. The process configtool.exe may be frequently communicating with other DLL or EXE files, so do not modify any content inside the folder where the process configtool.exe is located.

Author: Palm.
Author URL:
Part of: Palm OS
System Process: No
Application: Yes
Background Process: No
Uses Network: No
Uses Internet: No
Hardware Related: Yes because the process configtool.exe communicates with a hardware device that is the Palm PDA device.
Common Path: C:/Program Files/Palm/


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The Usual Cause of configtool.exe Errors to Occur:

A common and likely reason for configtool.exe errors is corruption in the Windows registry - fixing is required to prevent additional damage in other applications and/or hardware devices. While the errors remain your computer stays capable of likely blue screen errors, device failure and fatal crashes.

configtool.exe Errors - Common Symptoms:

configtool.exe errors bring on a range of symptoms, including but not limited to: pc hangs while starting up or shutting down, programs crash, diminished personal computer speed, built-in speaker beeps, problems accessing documents, sluggish behaviour and application installation failure.

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Scan for configtool.exe Errors    |    What is configtool.exe?    |    How to Fix configtool.exe Errors