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What is the .C01 File Extension?

.C01 File Extension Description:

The common usage of the file extension .c01, is found in the compression archiving software application WinAce, as part of the compressed file splitting feature. WinAce has a feature that allows the user to specify the archive size of the file, depending on the storage capacity of the target medium. During the compression operation, the utility generates files with the extension C0xx, with the file extension .c01 indicating the first file of the split archive. It must be understood that since the archive represents a series of pieces that are component of a whole archive, the following archives .c02, .c03 and so on, cannot be extracted without the .c01 file extension.

In some instances, the .c01 file extension does not represent the initial volume, because the application can also generate C00 as the fist archive file. The WinAce utility boasts of excellent features in generating .c01 file extensions by combining compression power and speed, with intuitive user interface that provides convenient and easy access, to file archives with the capability of professional distribution of files. The WinAce can also create self-extracting compressed archives, as well as implement password security protection for .c01 file extensions and related volumes.

Music enthusiasts are familiar with the .co1 file extension because the Typhoon Operating System generates it as a wave file format. As a wave file, the .c01 file extension stores digital audio information by supporting sample rates, bit resolutions, and even audio channels. The Typhoon OS that generates the file extension .c01 is specifically used by the Yamaha TX16W sampler, which is a rack mounted sampler sound module that is capable of 12-bit sounds that range from 50 kHz mono to 33 kHz stereo sampling rates. The created samples that usually use the .c01 file extension format are stored on floppy disks that have 720 kB capacity, which is also used to load the operating system.

The Typhoon application that uses the .c01 file extension is actually a substitute operating system of the Yamaha TX16W, because only users, which resulted in a clumsy and slow sampler, developed the initial OS used with the sampling synthesizer. The introduction of the Typhoon OS improved the stability and speed of the synthesizer, as well as improved the output of sample files that utilized the .c01 file extension. It resulted in 30 to 60 percent savings because of the compression that saves space and time.

Another application that is associated with the file extension .c01, is the sophisticated and powerful Genesis 2000 loan origination application used by brokerage firms. This is a multi-generation software application that uses the .c01 file extension to make the workload of loan originators easier and faster, by automating the process and virtually removing redundancies and mistakes.

Author: Ellie Mae, Inc., e-merge GmbH, NuEdge Development
Author URL:
Related Applications: e-merge WinAce, MacUnace, WinVortex, SOX, TX16WConverter, SndConv, Genesis 2000, Typhoon OS
Common Path: C:/ Program Files/


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The General Cause of .C01 files Errors:

.C01 files errors are potential serious Windows file system errors and many times are brought on due to a corrupt registry entry that should be rectified at once to prevent even further failure in other software and/or hardware. Experiencing these errors puts your personal computer at risk for fatal crashes, blue screen errors and even hardware failure.

What are the Symptoms of .C01 files Errors?

.C01 files error symptoms include program freezes, system shut down or start up troubles, jerky computer operation, laggy behaviour, screen freeze, internal speaker beeps, problems saving documents as well as problems during program installation.

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