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What is the .CALS File Extension?

.CALS File Extension Description:

The CALS file extension is used for document imaging that stores only black and white meaning 1-bit image data. There are two types of files with the .cals file extension specified as:

* Type I - stores only single and monochrome image per file have been compressed with the use of the CCITT Group 4 encoding and is appended to the raster header record data block;

* Type II - contains multiple images per file and the image data is stored using the CCITT Group 4 encoding algorithm. This type also supports the encoding of image data as a collection of tiles or is separately stored in its raw, un-encoded format.

The files with the CALS file extension are defined primarily in the following military standards documents:

* MIL-STD-1840A - the governing standard for data interchange known as the Automated Interchange of Technical Information; and

* MIL-R-28002A - the Raster Graphics Representation' requirements that is in a Binary Format

The CALS raster format was developed in the 1980s by the Computer Aided Acquisition and Logistics Support office of the U.S. Department of Defense. This is to standardize the Office Document Interchange Format (ODIF) for electronic publishing, particularly in CAD/CAM, technical graphics, and image processing applications. The CALS file extension is also used in the Office Document Architecture (ODA) system for compound document data exchange between software applications and multiple machine platforms.

Files with the .cals file extension integrate text, graphics and image data into the standard document architecture. The main purpose for its development is to improve and integrate the logistics functions of the military and its contractors. This means that all U.S. federal government technical publications must conform to the CALS standard.

Each file in the CALS file extension starts with a record identifier, which is a string of ASCII characters followed by a colon plus a single space. Immediately follow the record identifier's Record data. If this record shows no content of any significant data, NONE (ASCII string) will be written subsequent to the identifier.

The CALS file extension is widely used by the computer industry in commercial applications such as CAD/CAM. The aerospace industry also uses files with the .cals file extension, which owes a large part of its business to military and government contracts.

Author: CALS DND
Author URL: http://www.acq.osd.mil/cals/
Related Applications: CAD/CAM
Common Path: C:/ Program Files/


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The Frequent Reason for .CALS files Errors to Occur:

.CALS files errors are potential severe Windows file system errors and are often caused due to a faulty registry entry that needs to be repaired at once to protect against even further damage in other software and/or hardware. Risks include hardware damage, blue screen errors and fatal program crashes.

Symptoms of .CALS files Errors:

.CALS files errors bring forth a range of symptoms, including but not limited to: personal computer locks on shut down or start up, softwares lock up, diminished personal computer performance, internal speaker beeping, problems accessing files, slow system behaviour and software installation failure.

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