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What is the .CDK File Extension?

.CDK File Extension Description:

When Atari Inc. released Calamus, a professional desktop publishing program; its documents were provided with the CDK file extension. In 1979, Atari Inc. gained acknowledgement as the pioneer of providing custom coprocessor chips for its 8-bit home computers. Presently, most Atari programs are able to read only those documents with the CDK file extension, although modern-day versions of Calamus can also read those documents. Files with the CDK file extension was put on the spotlight, when Calamus gained prominence as an innovative desktop publishing tool. When users created Calamus documents, those documents are saved with the CDK file extension. For a while, Atari was well on the way on advancing their relatively affordable computers. Calamus was introduced as a "third-generation DTP program", and Atari became its primary promoter.

Documents with the CDK file extension that first came out could be opened with a monochrome monitor and a double-sided disk drive. Calamus documents using the CDK file extension were shown onscreen using a WYSIWYG output. Users were presented with icon-oriented menus that were located below the menu bar and at the side of the editing window. All-in-all, the menu offered many significant options along with information on actions relevant to the editing window.

When Atari released Calamus, it couldn't help but be compared with the Pagemaker and Ventura Publisher-two other prominent programs in the same field. Calamus printed materials faster than both Pagemaker and Ventura Publisher. Additionally, in contrast to Pagemaker, Calamus users had the convenience of rotating text or group frames within their files saved in the CDK file extension. Ventura Publisher, on the other hand, offered fewer options when it comes to font sizes, and made use of more RAM than Calamus.

However, Calamus was not able to provide users with the capability of creating vector and raster graphics for its files with the CDK file extension, although the graphics can be imported from most formats. As compensation, Calamus offered line construction using a number of patterns and adjustable point size, along with choices of predefined frames. The lines can be adjusted and changed at will, while the frames can be filled with many different patterns.

Author: Atari Inc.
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Related Applications: Atari Calamus
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What Causes .CDK files Errors to Occur?

A common and likely reason for .CDK files errors is corruption in the Windows program registry - repairs are necessary to protect against additional corruption in other applications and/or system devices. Experiencing these errors puts your system in danger for fatal crashes, blue screen errors and even system device failure.

What are the Symptoms of .CDK files Errors?

.CDK files error symptoms include application crashes, system start up or shut down troubles, slow pc operation, sluggish behaviour, screen freezing, internal speaker beeps, problems opening program files and problems during software installation.

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