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What is the .CEL File Extension?

.CEL File Extension Description:

The file extension .cel is used as a cel image in the Maya animator graphic application, which is a robust animation, effects, rendering and 3D modeling solution. Being based on an open architecture standard, the .cel file extension can be programmed or scripted with the use of a well documented API, or any of the two embedded scripting tools. The application which utilizes the file extension .cel, were used by animators in the facilitation of the workflow of the animation of the file, The Two Towers and The Return of the King, all sequels of the popular movie Lord of the Rings. The system provided the animators with a one click interface to utilize important scenes supported by the .cel file extension including the data capture, sound file, camera information, and live plate files.

The Audition application also uses the .cel file extension as a looping file. In essence, a file extension .cel is an MP3 file format that was modified to be suitable for audio looping. The application is a comprehensive audio toolset used in the professional mastering, editing, mixing, and recording of sound production. The functionalities presented to the user by .cel file extensions include recording and mixing of projects for radio spots, movie sound file or compilation, and editing of soundtracks.

The Celestia freeware application on the other hand, utilizes the .cel file extension in relation with its 3D rendering scripts that helps to simulate real time space experience in a 3D environment. The application, which runs on major operating system platforms, can be configured by the file extension .cel, to allow the user to experience space travel to more than 100,000 stars or outside the galaxy. The application does not confine the viewer on the Earth's surface, and features an exponential zoom to let you explore across space in varying scales.

The KiSS was developed for the NEC PC-9801VM2 on March 1991 to serve as the Paper Doll application for the system. The file extension .cel serves as the Paper Doll file, which functions as an image viewer application capable of transparency processing and display of overlapped images, with the feature of allowing user manipulation. The actual document that uses the .cel file contains the image to be manipulated, the array of pixels, and the transparent pixel code.

The MicroStation CAD platform also implements the file extension .cel in relation to its Cell Library, which assists in the appreciation of geospatial data useful for GIS professionals, contractors, engineers and architects. The Cell Library using the .cel file extension contains details, symbols, or objects incorporated into drawings made with the application.





Author: Autodesk Inc., Adobe Systems Incorporated, Celestia Development Team, KISS, Bentley Systems, and Incorporated
Author URL: http://usa.autodesk.com/
Related Applications: Adobe Audition, Bentley Systems MicroStation, Autodesk Maya, Celestia, KISS /GS,
Common Path: User Defined


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The Frequent Cause of .CEL files Errors:

.CEL files errors are potential critical Windows file system errors and can be brought on by a damaged program registry that needs to be repaired right away to prevent further failure in other applications and/or devices. Receiving these errors places your personal computer at risk for fatal crashes, blue screen errors as well as hardware failure.

What are the Symptoms of .CEL files Errors?

Typical symptoms from .CEL files errors include reduced personal computer speed, long program start up speed, failure accessing files, extended breaks in software functions, applications shuts down without an error, screen halts and software crash.

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What is the .CEL File Extension?    |    Scan for .CEL File Extension Errors    |    How to Fix .CEL File Extension Errors