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What is the .CH4 File Extension?

.CH4 File Extension Description:

The file extension .ch4 is identified with the Microsoft Windows based presentation graphics application Charisma 4.0, developed and marketed by Micrografx. The Charisma 4.0 application, which produces the .ch4 file extension, is a creativity tool that allows the management of conference notes, editing of slides, as well as the arrangement of charts. The application provides the user with an option of choosing the presentation medium for the .ch4 file extension, which is the computer screen, a paper document, or directly to a 35 mm slide. The principle applied in generating the file extension .ch4, is to produce a document that can serve as a container for integrated graphics and text editing functions.

The Charisma software was introduced at a time when most presentation packages (for the Microsoft Windows platform at least) were developed for the masses; meaning, that if compared side by side with applications under the same category, the only difference would be the brand name. The application which generates the .ch4 file extension stood out from the crowd; for one, because it required more processing power, and system memory resources to operate, and was not as instinctive as the other applications in its class, but can be easily handled by any user familiar with presentation programs, plus it comes with its own tutorial file.

The software application does not require an audio card or optical drive to produce a .ch4 file extension document, because it comes with a built-in functionality that allows the user to incorporate video and audio clips to the slide presentation. The distribution package has a CD and floppy disk version, which contains 200 TrueType fonts, 7,000 clip art graphics, 550 MIDI and WAV audio files, 50 video files and 200 photographic images, which are all readily available in producing documents with the .ch4 file extension.

The main strength of files with the .ch4 file extension lies in the area of spreadsheet transformation (creating graphs from spreadsheet data), or data charting, not to mention its capability to perform regression analyses that clearly is a step further in terms of data orientation. The 32-bit rendering engine emphasizes the excellence of .ch4 file extensions, which makes the text and graphics crossover to a 3D plane, a pioneering feature for presentation applications. The 3D graphing method is supported by instantaneous redrawing and recalculating of graphs, including the alteration of intensity and position of the light source onscreen to always give the viewer a fresh perspective of the data.

With 76 predefined types of charts (not all can be displayed in 3D), extensive drawing effects and 75 master styles, the Charisma 4.0 gains the upper hand when compared with one of the more popular presentation applications in the market, the PowerPoint. PowerPoint can create 3D effects but is not capable of producing true 3D graphics and text; it also lacks the ability of bending and warping objects, as well as extensive chart types that can all be produced within the .ch4 file extension.

Author: Micrografx
Author URL:
Related Applications: Charisma 4.0
Common Path: C:/ Program Files/


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What Causes .CH4 files Errors?

Upon experiencing errors with .CH4 files you are likely having a critical Windows registry error - the error could be the result of corruption to your registry and you should move to fix it immediately to prevent further damage to the operating system. Dangers include system device failure, blue screen errors and fatal operating system crashes.

.CH4 files Errors - Common Symptoms:

.CH4 files error symptoms include software freezes, system shut down or start up troubles, jerky pc operation, sluggish behaviour, screen freezing, beeping sounds, problems accessing documents as well as issues while installing programs.

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