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What is the .CLA File Extension?

.CLA File Extension Description:

The file extension .cla is associated with the source code generated by the programming language Clarion, which is based on a technology that is template-driven to produce database programs. The .cla file extension is generally hosted only on Microsoft Windows Operating System platforms, using 4GL combined with the Modula-2 and the C++ compilers to develop efficient and fast systems.

The file extension .cla can be compatibly deployed with ADO, SQL and ISAM methods, including writing of various formats that includes dBase, Clipper, FoxPro, Binary DOS, CSV and ASCII utilizing MS SQL Server, and ODBC with native drivers for database. Output files can take the form of PDF, Plaintext, XML, HTML, and more.

The uniqueness of the file extension .cla comes in the form of its template assisted programming environment, which is assisted by an embeditor that displays to the programmer, a template of the required output with embed point, that serve as markers where the programmer can insert his customized coding. Thereby, it eliminates repetitious codings commonly seen in software development.

The Clarion language that generates the file extension .cla is noted as one of the pioneers in implementing 4GL painter for the MS-DOS environment, as well as providing Computer Aided Software Engineering tools, that defines the existing relationship of data with automatic application code generation.

The file extension .cla is also a shortened representation of the CLASS format used by Java in relation to its Class Files, which represents the blueprints used as foundation for the creation of individual objects. The file extension .cla implements a precisely declared format utilized by Java, containing the source code, which are loaded and eventually executed by any available JVM, which allows it to move along networks prior to loading.

The file extension .cla has all the impotent details required by JVM that are categorized into Attributes, Methods, Fields, Interfaces, Super Class, This Class, Access Flags, Constant Pool, Version, and Magic. The actual length of information contained within the file extension .cla may vary, and is almost impossible to calculate prior to loading with the stored data, usually encoded without paddings or spaces among succeeding bits of data, and aligned along defined boundaries of bytes.


Author: Sun Microsystems, SoftVelocity Corporation
Author URL: http://java.sun.com/
Related Applications: JVM, Clarion
Common Path: User Defined


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What Causes .CLA files Errors?

.CLA files errors are potential serious Windows errors and are caused because of a faulty registry that should be fixed right away to avoid further damage in other applications and/or devices. During the time the errors continue your system remains in danger of likely blue screen errors, hardware failure and fatal crashes.

Symptoms of .CLA files Errors:

.CLA files errors bring on many symptoms, such as: personal computer freezes while shutting down or starting up, softwares halt, reduced pc performance, built-in speaker beeping, problems opening documents, slow system behaviour and problems installing applications.

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Scan for .CLA File Extension Errors    |    What is the .CLA File Extension?    |    How to Fix .CLA File Extension Errors