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What is the .CMS File Extension?

.CMS File Extension Description:

The file extension .cms can be seen in two software applications that find use in the justice system; the CaseMap and the TrialDirector. First, in the CaseMap application, the .cms file extension is used as a case script, which is a component of the case analysis tool that allows the user (presumably a lawyer) to explore facts, and organize issues involved in a legal case. The application allows for easy case analysis that can also be used by paralegals, litigators and investigators, which is utilized by many law firms of various sizes, prosecutorial agencies, government, and private investigative arms, and even forensic accounting agencies.

The Case Analysis application that creates the file extension .cms can be used in various types of cases and can be linked with the TimeMap application. The TimeMap application is a timeline graphing tool to provide a more detailed and accurate accounting of case details, including character casts. The application features easy to use features like live spelling check, pre-built case samples, and consistent designs, with free training and tutorial. The .cms file extension supported application, can be integrated with different electronic discovery and litigation support tools for added functionality.

The TrialDirector on the other hand uses the file extension .cms in relation to its Compound Media Storage, which can be used to organize depositions and exhibits, as well as preparation and enhancement of cases for trial. The file extension .cms backed application, is classified as a Presentation Preview Tool that allows a trial lawyer to get a general idea on how the case presentation will go, prior to an actual court appearance. The TrialDirector is also capable of creating video clips automatically from any codes applied to the transcripts, which are compatible with the latest edition of the Microsoft operating system platform, the Windows Vista. The program can be installed in a network, to allow access to more users of the .cms file extension in a more convenient setup.

The file extension .cms is also associated with the Content Management System that is utilized to publish web contents in an automated fashion with the use of templates. The term templates in the context of .cms file extensions refer to files that provide users with a starting point in the document creation, having pre-formatted properties. Saving the file template will give it the file extension .cms to allow it to be used by the CMS application, in creating the framework for the web site contents. The primary usage of CMS is to give interactive functionality to a web site that hosts many contributors, which in the perspective of the file extension .cms, points to the actual web contents that need to be managed like documents, audio files, and images.

The idea for the implementation of .cms file extensions is to allow access to web contents not only over the Internet, but in an inter-office environment as well. The file extension .cms provides an easy way of sharing files in a workflow process, which is the movement of electronic files for the purpose of either adding contents, or approving of contents. The CMS helps to facilitate the control, publication and organization of huge amounts of documents, including multimedia resources.

Author: CaseSoft, inData Corporation, The CMS Matrix
Author URL:
Related Applications: CaseMap, TrialDirector, various Content Management Tools
Common Path: C:/ Program Files/


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The Reason for .CMS files Errors:

A common and likely cause for .CMS files errors is failure in the Windows program registry - cleaning is necessary to prevent additional harm in other software and/or system devices. Receiving these errors places your personal computer in danger for fatal crashes, blue screen errors as well as hardware failure.

What are the Symptoms of .CMS files Errors?

.CMS files errors produce numerous symptoms, including but not limited to: system freezes while starting up or shutting down, applications halt, decreased personal computer speed, case speaker beeps, problems loading files, sluggish behaviour and software installation trouble.

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Repair .CMS File Errors    |    What is the .CMS File Extension?    |    How to Fix .CMS File Extension Errors