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What is the .CMV File Extension?

.CMV File Extension Description:

CorelDraw utilizes the file extension .cmv in modifying and creating images, which can be animated (like animated GIF files) or incorporated into animated scenery, to be implemented by animation applications like Flash or Coffee Cup. The generation of the .cmv file extension usually involves the application of masking and framing techniques that are associated with animation.

In creating the file extension .cmv with the use of frames, a user can either create a new image or opt to load an existing image from the clipart collection built into CorelDraw. Once the image is ready, the orientation must be shifted to Landscape orientation to allow for more room in creating frames. The object must then be grouped and dragged to one side of the page (preferably at the left), and from the Arrange Menu, select the option Ungroup to manipulate the various elements of the image.

The next step in creating the frames to produce the file extension .cmv involves the use of the Rectangle Tool (Function Key F6) to draw a rectangle over the entire image as a reference point in aligning the frames once they are finished; make sure to move the rectangle object to the back layer of the elements, and set the background color with the Fill Tool. You have finished creating the first frame for the .cmv file extension animation, you now have to Marquee. Select the finished frame with the Pick Tool, and export it as an image (use True Color formats) via the Export option on the File Menu, making sure to check the Selected Only option in the dialog window.

It is important to take note of the Color (RGB Color 24-bit, Anti-aliasing), Size (1 to 1), and Resolution (72 dpi) properties of the exported image. Although animated images like GIF format only supports 256 colors, it is better to start with a wider color set that will allow the generation of common pallets for all the frames needed to create the .cmv file extension. The next step in the process of animating the file extension .cmv is simply copying the initial frame, and pasting the duplicate beside it, which is the best way of animating frames in a vector-based graphic program like CorelDraw.

Make slight changes to the second frame based on the appearance of the first frame, to project a semblance of movement (like a smoke going up or down), and export the second frame taking note of the filenames of your frames (try to adopt a numbering system to make it easier to arrange them in sequence during animation), and repeat the steps to create the third frame and so on, that will form the elements of the file extension .cmv animation process.

The masking process involving the .cmv file extension is simply done by hiding an image behind another image, to create an illusion that the original image is being distorted, or modified by the action of the other image. The masking function can be applied to all images in an animated file.

Author: Corel Corporation
Author URL:
Related Applications: CorelDraw
Common Path: C:/ Program Files/ Corel/ CorelDRAW Graphics X3/ Draw/


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What Causes .CMV files Errors to Occur?

A typical and frequent explanation for .CMV files errors is damage in the Windows program registry - repairs are necessary to avoid additional damage in other applications and/or devices. Having these errors places your computer in danger for fatal crashes, blue screen errors as well as hardware failure.

What are the Symptoms of .CMV files Errors?

.CMV files errors bring on a range of symptoms, including but not limited to: pc freezes on start up or shut down, softwares crash, diminished system speed, internal speaker beeps, trouble loading files, slow system behaviour and failure installing software.

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