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What is the .CTX File Extension?

.CTX File Extension Description:

The file extension .ctx finds many usages under the various applications developed by Microsoft Corporation. The file extension .ctx is used as an initialization backup file by the Microsoft Windows Terminal Server, which provides various options implemented for deployment of applications, efficient data access on low bandwidth networks, remote management, and usage of older hardware components. The Microsoft Windows 2003 Operating System that uses the file extension .ctx is built on the Microsoft Windows 2000 Server technology, with improved usage, management and deployment that result in higher productivity of organization network assets.

The Microsoft Visual Basic Programming Language environment, as a Control Binary File that is used to control object data made under the development application, also implements the file extension .ctx. The .ctx file extension stores binary data and images, which are impossible to include in simple text files, and are commonly associated with CTL file formats, which are used to define specific ActiveX controls. The Microsoft Visual Basic is part of a programming suite developed and marketed by the company, for increased application developer productivity.

Microsoft also uses .ctx file extensions as the Text File for its Online Courses, which fall under its E-Learning Courses that give users an effective and simple way of learning various Microsoft products at their own schedule and work pace. The file extension .ctx is used in the Learning Solutions, which is part of the Volume Licensing of the company, which allows enterprises and users to take advantage of online trainings on different software migrations, and deployments.

The Alphacam CAD/CAM application solution implemented by the Woodworking industry uses the file extension .ctx, as a Compiled Text by the application. The application that supports the .ctx file extension is a full featured CAD/CAM ,application, which can be used with any CNC machinery, and forms part of the company's core products that emphasizes improvement of flexibility, reliability, and productivity.

The CCT preprocessor uses the .ctx file extension as a Chinese Character Input File, which is needed in order to generate standard TeX input files with the TEX file format. The TEX format derived from the file extension .ctx can be further processed to create a DVI file format, which can be previewed or even printed with the use of shell scripts. The Chinese characters from the .ctx file extension are based on the GB encoding and can be placed as normal western characters, with the implementation of control sequences.

The CTRAN/W also uses the file extension .ctx with its compressed data file, which is composed of finite elements used in modeling the movements of various contaminants via porous materials like rock and soil. This application allows the possibility of analyzing problems that range from particle tracking, to density dependencies, which are commonly applied in engineering projects.

The file extension .ctx can also be found in the CIMPLICITY application of GE, which is a Text Version Human Machine Interface product, found in Power Management Control Systems. The .ctx file extension is also used as a backup of the contact files created under the Nokia PC Suite, as well as the Ciphertext File, used in converting plain text to a secretive code, with the use of an encryption algorithm provided by the PGP application.

Author: Planit, Massachusetts Institute of Technology, GEO-SLOPE International Ltd., General Electric Company, Nokia, PGP Corporation, Microsoft Corporation
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Related Applications: Alphacam, CCT, CTRAN/W, CIMPLICITY, PC Suite, PGP Encryption, Microsoft Windows Terminal Service, Microsoft Online Training
Common Path: User Defined


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The Cause for .CTX files Errors:

When you get errors with .CTX files you are potential having a critical Windows file system error - this error could be the outcome of damage to your registry and action is needed to repair it immediately to prevent additional corruption to your operating system. Risks include device failure, blue screen errors and fatal crashes.

Symptoms of .CTX files Errors:

.CTX files error symptoms include program freezes, shut down or start up problems, jerky system performance, laggy behaviour, input halts, beeping sounds, trouble saving application files as well as issues while installing software.

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