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What is the .CUF File Extension?

.CUF File Extension Description:

Turbo C, an IDE and compiler for the C programming language, utilize The CUF file extension. Specifically, the CUF file extension was employed to contain the form definition of utilities for Turbo C.

Turbo C, which makes use of the CUF file extension, was launched in 1987 and was superseded by Turbo C++ in May 1990. It became popular because of its all-inclusive manual, rapid compile speed and relatively low cost.

The first edition of Turbo C that utilized the CUF file extension is the first programming tool with edit-compile-run tools for the C programming language. It required 348 kilobytes of memory and offered inline assembly of codes with complete access to C symbolic structures and names. The said edition of the programming language was able to run under IBM PC-compatible systems and afforded optimizations for size, speed, jump elimination and constant folding. The Turbo C and Turbo C++ products were combined into a single product in 1990.

The C programming language implemented by Turbo C is a general-purpose, imperative, procedural and block-structure software developing language originally designed for the Unix OS. It offered language constructs with the advantage of mapping efficiency to machine language commands. It was designed for applications with a relatively simple compiler and also for requiring negligible run-time support. The C programming language is therefore helpful for many programs that have been previously written using assembly language.

In spite of the low-level abilities of the C language, it was intended to promote programming not based on a particular machine. A portably coded and standards-compliant C program has the advantage of being compiled by a broad range of operating systems and platforms with a negligible modification in its source code.

The features of the C language include:

•the provision of services for structured program writing;

•lexical recursion and variable scope;

•the employment of functions to contain executable code;

•the ability to utilize characters as integers;

•function definitions that are non-nestable;

•function pointers that offer an elementary form of runtime polymorphism and closures;

•and low-level entry into memory by extracting typed pointers from machine addresses.

Author: Borland Corp.
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Related Applications: Turbo C
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The Cause for .CUF files Errors:

.CUF files errors are potential severe Windows file errors and are caused because of a damaged registry entry that needs to be rectified at once to prevent further corruption in other software and/or devices. While the errors persist your personal computer stays at risk for potential blue screen errors, system failure and fatal crashes.

What are the Symptoms of .CUF files Errors?

.CUF files error symptoms include software crashes, system shut down or start up troubles, jerky pc performance, laggy behaviour, screen freeze, internal speaker beeps, trouble saving documents as well as errors while installing programs.

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