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What is the .DBA File Extension?

.DBA File Extension Description:

DarkBASIC Pro is the most advanced development suite package built based on one of the earliest computer languages, the BASIC language. However, it has been enhanced to specifically aid the creation of games programs. It is the only package that natively offers the benefits of the DirectX technology and incorporates all the most advanced effects and features of today's games.

A typical application written in the DarkBASIC Pro programming language is likely to contain images, sounds as well as video. Thus, in order to save much more than the set of instructions that make up the program, it needs to store details of these sounds, images, etc. In order to achieve this, DarkBASIC Pro creates two types of file every time a new program is produced.

The first of these files contains details of the images and sounds used by your application as well as other information such as the screen resolution and number of colours used. It is known as the project file and has the DBPRO file extension. The second file is known as the source file and has the DBA file extension. Files with the .dba file extension contain only the code of the program written in the DarkBASIC Pro language.

After saving a DarkBASIC project, a new sub-folder is created and inside this new folder are three files, which include the following:

* Project file - with the .dbpro file extension

* Source code file - with the .dba file extension

* Machine code version of the program - with the .exe file extension. This is the code that is actually executed when the program is run.

Your completed DarkBASIC project can be shared with other people by giving only the copy of the EXE file since it contains everything a user needs in order to run your program. You do not have to allow them see the files with the .dbpro and .dba file extension.

A standard file with the .dba file extension contains the following code:

* REM - short for REMARK and is used to indicate a comment within the program.

* INPUT - a keyword that tells the computer to allow the user to enter a value from the keyboard.

* Enter your name: - This message is displayed on the screen as a prompt, telling the user what information is to be entered. Messages are always enclosed in double quotes (" ") and are more generally known as strings.

* name$ - the variable in which the value entered by the user will be stored.

* PRINT - tells the computer to display information on the screen.

* , - separates items of data from each other.

* name$ - value held in the variable name$ is to be displayed.

* WAIT KEY - contains two key words, which tell the computer to wait for a key to be pressed before continuing to the next instruction.

* END - marks the end of the program

Author: Lee Bamber
Author URL: http://www.darkbasicpro.thegamecreators.com
Related Applications: DarkBASIC
Common Path: C:/ Program Files


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The Reason for .DBA files Errors:

When encountering errors with .DBA files you are likely experiencing a serious Windows registry error - this error may be the effect of corruption to your program registry and action is required to fix it immediately to prevent additional corruption to the program registry. Dangers include system device failure, blue screen errors and fatal program crashes.

What are the Symptoms of .DBA files Errors?

Typical symptoms from .DBA files errors include slower personal computer speed, long program start up speed, trouble accessing files, long pauses in program functions, applications shuts down without showing an error, input freezes and applications crash.

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What is the .DBA File Extension?    |    Repair .DBA File Errors    |    Scan for .DBA File Extension Errors