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What is the .DBPRO File Extension?

.DBPRO File Extension Description:

The file extension .dbpro is a format produced exclusively by the DarkBASIC Professional game development suite. The file extension .dbpro serves as the program's Project File, which was basically built on the foundations of the BASIC programming language. Often considered as a dialect of BASIC, the file extension .dbpro generating application was specifically designed to handle game development at the 2D and 3D levels. The current edition of the application was derived from its predecessor, developed by the same company but unlike its previous version, it can handle DirectX 9c implementations.

The current version of the file extension .dbpro has exceptional multiplayer network handling command support, aside from being able to effectively implement BSP level, sphere, bump, vertex and pixel shaders with multiple viewpoints functionality. The .dbpro file extension can also invoke external DLL interface, to utilize sprite commands that can quickly render 2D images in 3D environments.

Probably one of the most glaring features of the file extension .dbpro is the utilization of True Machine Level compilation processes, which significantly improves its processing time. Instead of loading a source code to the interpreter, the file extension .dbpro uses a copy to transcribe the source code that will result in an EXE format file. The Project Resource Management associated with the file extension .dbpro, can also provide user access to customize or existing DLLs that were coded in other development languages, which in turn expands the program's instruction sets for accessing hardware and system resources.

The file extension .dbpro is regarded by many as the most advanced tool in dame development on the market today that is powered by a host of special functionalities, which directly benefits from the DirectX 9 technology deployment by Microsoft. To maximize the benefits from the file extension .dbpro supported applications, recommended hardware configurations that need to be observed prior to installation includes; Pentium class processor with 733 MHz or faster; Microsoft Windows 98 and above Operating System platform; 400 MB or more hard drive space; at least 128 MB of RAM; DirectX accessible video adapter with a minimum of 64 MB on board memory and 3D hardware acceleration capable; DirectX matched audio card; and an optical drive. Some inherent features of the program like pixel or vertex shading, requires a higher video graphics adapter configuration.

Author: The Game Creators Ltd.
Author URL:
Related Applications: DarkBASIC Professional
Common Path: C:/ Program Files/ Dark Basic Software


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The Reason for .DBPRO files Errors:

.DBPRO files errors are potential critical Windows errors and are often caused due to a faulty program registry that needs to be fixed at once to prevent further corruption in other software and/or devices. Receiving these errors places your computer in danger for fatal crashes, blue screen errors as well as hardware failure.

Symptoms of .DBPRO files Errors:

Typical symptoms from .DBPRO files errors include poor personal computer performance, long program start up times, failure accessing files, excessive pauses in program procedures, software exits without giving an error, screen halts and programs lock up.

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