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What is the .DIS File Extension?

.DIS File Extension Description:

The CorelDraw application uses the file extension .dis as part of the Thesaurus feature, which is commonly implemented in the creation of DTP text layouts. The .dis file extension is an important part of the process in the creation of the layout file, which starts with the planning stage, to establish the look and content including manners of presentations of the document. The actual text data to be contained by the layout file, can either be inputted directly from CorelDraw, or imported from another word processing or text editing program.

Under the CorelDraw application, the Text tool is the best way to perform typing of text inputs with the placement of Text Boxes, which can be resized and edited to conform to the actual textual content. Since the document is intended for publication, it is important to conduct spelling and grammatical error checking procedures that can be done from within the CorelDraw program itself, by invoking the file extension .dis, prior to continuing with the implementation of other features like shading and borders.

The .dis file extension is also used in the decision making support tool Dashboard of Sustainability, as part of the Indicator Sets applied in establishing intricate relationships among environmental, social, and economic matters, with the use of highly demonstrative presentations. The file extension .dis can hold various elements, like multi-colored maps that are commonly used for graphical representation of collected information regarding Sustainable Development. The application is an effective utility in assessing the results of the Rio Summit ten years ago.

The file extension .dis is likewise specifically identified as the Data Import Specification Layout File, associated with the Pension Reporter application, which is commonly used to calculate for employee compensation and benefits. As a layout file, the .dis file extension is usually invoked in importing data from spreadsheet programs like Microsoft Office Excel, by using the parameters or Row Start, and Row End, which identify specific headers under the spreadsheet file. The Data Import Assistant is the feature that invokes the file extension .dis, which is located under the Utilities Menu of the main program.

The Oracle Discoverer as a Workbook file, which is commonly used with complicated manufacturing processes provided by the Manufacturing Intelligence program, also produces the file extension .dis. Analytical workbooks generated by the application, provides vital information in leveraging profit with market demands; preventing excessive inventory; dealing with bottlenecks in production; efficient resource management; and meeting manufacturing deadlines.

Soundweb also uses the file extension .dis as part of the updating for the firmware of its digital processors. A firmware in the context of the .dis file extension refers to the hardware and software components that interact with the chipset of the device, and work with the elements ROM, EPROM, and ROM that are updated by the use of software.





Author: Corel Corporation, Joint Research Centre, DATAIR Employee Benefit Systems, Inc., Oracle Corporation, and BSS Audio
Author URL: http://www.corel.com/
Related Applications: CorelDraw, Dashboard of Sustainability, Pension Reporter, Discoverer, and Soundweb
Common Path: User Defined


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The Cause for .DIS files Errors:

Upon encountering errors with .DIS files you are potential experiencing a serious Windows file error - the error could be the outcome of damage in your registry and action is needed to correct it right away to avoid additional corruption to your registry. Dangers include hardware damage, blue screen errors and fatal crashes.

.DIS files Errors - Common Symptoms:

.DIS files error symptoms include software lock ups, shut down or start up troubles, jerky personal computer performance, sluggish behaviour, screen halts, internal speaker beeps, trouble saving documents and issues during software installs.

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