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What is the .DLL File Extension?

.DLL File Extension Description:

The DLL file extension is also called the Dynamic Link Library, which is Microsoft's implementation of the shared library concept in its operating systems. The content of files with the .dll extension is similar to that of EXE files, since they contain codes, data, and other resources in any combination. Additionally, any file with the .dll file extension can also be termed as a resource DLL. Files with the .dll extension provide particular functions that the program can access.

The DLL file extension has multiple features and functions, such as memory management, importation of libraries, symbol resolution and binding, and explicit run-time linking.

In Win32 machines, the DLL file extension is organized into sections, with sets of specific attributes. The codes contained in the files with the .dll extension are usually shared among processes that utilize the DLL file. They occupy only one location in the physical memory and do not eat too much space in the page file.

An executable file, accompanied by files with the extension .dll, contains an import address table, which it uses to call the functions of the DLL file extension, and where all its tasks are referenced. Most files with the .dll extension are linked via import libraries with the .lib file extension. An example would be the kernel32.dll, which is linked through the kernel32.lib file.

The symbol and resolution binding feature of the file extension DLL is designed to let programmers bind an executable file to a specific DLL file. This serves the purpose of resolving the addresses of functions imported at compile-time.

Files with the file extension .dll may be loaded during run-time through the explicit run-time linking feature. This is a process called runtime dynamic linking from Microsoft, and which uses the LoadLibrary API function. After loading the file extension DLL, GetProcAddress API is used to look into the exported symbols by name. When the process is finished, FreeLibrary API is then called to unload the DLL file extension.

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Related Applications: Windows and OS/2 operating system
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What Causes .DLL files Errors to Occur?

A typical and frequent cause for .DLL files errors is failure in the Windows registry - fixing is essential to protect against further harm in other applications and/or system devices. Dangers include hardware failure, blue screen errors and fatal crashes.

.DLL files Errors - Common Symptoms:

.DLL files errors produce numerous symptoms, including: personal computer freezes on start up or shut down, applications freeze up, reduced personal computer speed, internal speaker beeping, problems loading files, sluggish behaviour and program installation trouble.

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