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What is the .DLM File Extension?

.DLM File Extension Description:

The file extension .dlm is most commonly found used in the 3D modeling, rendering, and animation application 3ds Max. The application, which produces the file extension .dlm, is considered as one of the better programs in presenting iterative workflows and rendering of streamlines, with specific control on what must be rendered in either the Framebuffer or the Viewport. The 3ds Max application associated with the .dlm file extension is characterized by the streamlining of mapping workflows, including characters and the accurate and fast data movement through the implementation of greater options, to import or to export objects between modeling packages.

The .dlm file extension is also used in relation to ASCII files. In particular, the file extension .dlm is classified as a delimited ASCII file, which is commonly used in some form of voting system or similar data structure. A delimited file is basically one that has every column separated from each other, with special characters like tabs. The file extension .dlm provides the user with the ability to keep data intact, while it is imported to another application like a database or spreadsheet application, or even in FirstClass tables, or contact databases. It is usual practice to see DLM file extension types being imported into applications like Lotus, Excel, and other non-text based programs for better formatting and structuring.

The .dlm file extension is also used by the Dynamic Link Module (DLM) application, which provides the functionality of linking various modules during runtime. The file extension .dlm works like a static linker with the exception that it is done at the execution stage of the program. While many systems can load and use a module in a dynamic manner, these structures do not allow unreferenced symbols to be stored in the system code. The file extension .dlm allows the creation of source codes like they were static links, and implement them without making changes by using #defines statement.

The file extension .dlm is also used as a Data File by the application FileMaker Pro, which is considered as a cross-platform program for database management. The application, which is characterized by the user friendly and yet very powerful database engine, provides a drag and drop functionality when dealing with forms, screens, and layouts of a particular database. The application that uses the file extension .dlm can be implemented in various architectures like server, mobile, web delivery, and desktop configurations. The .dlm file extension is also used to generate Cheat Files for certain computer game programs, which are hosted by the Dirty Little Helper through its online database.

Author: Autodesk, Inc., DLH.Net, Ilya P. Ryzhenkov, U.S. Census Bureau, FileMaker, Inc.
Author URL:
Related Applications: 3ds MAX, DLM, FileMaker Pro
Common Path: User Defined


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The Reason for .DLM files Errors:

When experiencing errors with .DLM files you are potential experiencing a severe Windows error - this error can be the effect of corruption to your registry and action is required to correct it right away to avert additional corruption to the operating system. Receiving these errors puts your PC at risk for fatal crashes, blue screen errors and even system device failure.

What are the Symptoms of .DLM files Errors?

.DLM files errors bring forth numerous symptoms, such as: system freezes on shut down or start up, programs freeze up, diminished system performance, case speaker beeps, problems accessing documents, sluggish behaviour and program installation problems.

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What is the .DLM File Extension?    |    How to Fix .DLM File Extension Errors    |    Repair .DLM File Errors