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What is the .DTB File Extension?

.DTB File Extension Description:

The After Dark Screensaver is one of the applications, which are associated with the file extension .dtb. After Dark gained popularity for the various screensaver applications it released initially for the Mac Operating System, and subsequently for the Microsoft Windows Operating System. The After Dark application which uses the .dtb file extension is a third party application, which is classified as an add-on product that can be incorporated into the default screensaver utility of the Mac, and Microsoft Windows Operating Systems.

Screensavers are primarily used for their entertainment value to the computer user, however, the implementation of screensavers have an actual beneficial effect to the product life cycle of the computer monitor. Screensavers like After Dark which outputs the file extension .dtb, prevents damage to the pixels that are used by the monitor to display text or image to the user. Monitor pixels are usually burned due to prolonged exposure of only a specific portion of the screen. Screensaver utilities help to relatively equalize the exposure of all pixels of the screen, preventing the appearance of lines or distorted displays. The popularity generated by the .dtb file extension of After Dark, prompted collaboration with Sierra, and released After Dark games and later on with Sierra's initiative released a version of the games for mobile phones.

Another useful application that generates the .dtb file extension is the Uninstaller application from CyberMedia. The file extension .dtb related to the application, forms part of the uninstall operation of the application, which is intended to correctly remove specific parts or the entire application from the system. The Uninstaller application associated with the file extension .dtb performs similar action as the uninstaller tool shipped with some applications, with the exception that this is a third party utility.

The effectiveness and efficiency of this .dtb file extension supported application, was emphasized with the licensing agreement with Microsoft Corporation to incorporate the program with the Microsoft Plus! Software package released for the Microsoft Windows 98 Operating System. The application was shipped as a component of the Disc Cleanup Utility that helped to maintain system integrity and functionality by allowing the user to correctly delete non-critical files, or applications from the system, without fragmenting the Windows registry or hard drive. The incorporation agreement allowed CyberMedia to display ads and links to their web site, to purchase the full version of their application, which supports the .dtb file extension.

The file extension .dtb is also created by an application, which is widely implemented in majority of schools in the UK for CAD/CAM applications. The .dtb file extension is used by the PCB Design & Make software, which is a simple but powerful application that helps to train users in creating Printed Circuit Boards, which make up the backbone of electrical appliances and equipments.

The file extension .dtb generating application was specifically designed to primarily help in education purposes, and secondly, to assist in the manufacturing process of PCBs. The functionality of the application includes the feature of printing out a track of the PCB on a copper foil sticker, which can be used as a guide in the manufacture of the PCB, by acting as a template for the engraving machine to drill holes, and cut out the board to arrive at a fully functional PCB.

Author: TechSoft UK Ltd., Infinisys, Ltd., CyberMedia, Inc.
Author URL:
Related Applications: PCB Design &:, Make, After Dark Screensaver, CyberMedia Uninstaller
Common Path: C:/ DESTOOLS/ PCBDMD C:/ Program Files/


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The Typical Reason for .DTB files Errors:

A typical and frequent reason for .DTB files errors is failure in the Windows registry - cleaning is required to protect against further corruption in other applications and/or hardware devices. Dangers include device damage, blue screen errors and fatal program crashes.

What are the Symptoms of .DTB files Errors?

.DTB files error symptoms include program lock ups, system start up or shut down problems, slow computer operation, sluggish behaviour, screen freezing, beeping sounds, problems saving documents and problems during program installs.

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