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What is the .DTP File Extension?

.DTP File Extension Description:

The file extension .dtp is attached to the document created by the program Publish-iT, which is utilized in the creation of leaflets, posters, and other similar materials. Classified as a production application, the .dtp file extension generating program, Publish-iT, can create quality publishing documents with a professional appeal, and without the complexity. Identified as being related to the layout of the page, the file extension .dtp can contain special formatting, images, text, and other similar objects supported by the software. The file extension .dtp and its associated program, Publish-iT, are geared more towards the printable media.

An additional feature that enhances the flexibility of the .dtp file extension is the program's ability to export its files, and transform them to PDF format documents. As a feature rich application, the Publish-iT is capable of handling multi-page publications that incorporates the functionalities found in DTP packages, word processors, and image editors. The file extension .dtp implements more than 100 special effects, textures, and templates with special features like spell checker and font manager. The Publish-iT program comes with a full set of tools and color palettes, including the functionality to stretch and reshape an object, or to apply a zoom that is capable of a maximum of 16x precision.

The file extension .dtp is also implemented under the program SecurDesk! Which falls under the classification of a desktop customization program, which can be run under any edition of the Microsoft Windows Operating System platform. The program features a lock down mode for icons and images, including definition of hotspots based on user's preference. The file extension .dtp allows the placement of animated icons and various objects, including the activation of cursor driven events on the users' desktop.

Allowing the application to run in the system will create a completely customized environment for the desktop, which can be extended further via the Task Bar applet, and is a suitable replacement for the Tray and Task Bar of the Microsoft Windows Operating System Environment. The file extension .dtp supported feature can be moved in any location on the screen, and provides the user with the option of allowing programs to execute within their individualized virtual desktops.


Author: Poster Software, CursorArts Company
Author URL: http://www.postersw.com/
Related Applications: Publish-iT, SecurDesk!
Common Path: C:/ Program Files/


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What Causes .DTP files Errors?

A common and likely reason for .DTP files errors is corruption in the Windows program registry - fixing is essential to protect against more corruption in other applications and/or system devices. During the time the errors remain your system stays capable of possible blue screen errors, device failure and fatal crashes.

.DTP files Errors - Common Symptoms:

Common symptoms with .DTP files errors include slower system performance, long application start up times, failure accessing files, extended suspensions in software procedures, programs shuts down without showing an error message, input freezing and applications lock up.

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