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What is the .DVC File Extension?

.DVC File Extension Description:

The file extension .dvc is specifically identified with the Lotus 1-2-3 program, initially developed and sold by the Lotus Software until IBM acquired it. The .dvc file extension is classified as a spreadsheet application that gained enormous popularity and usage during the early 1980s, which helped to establish IBM Personal Computers as standard tools within the corporate framework.

With the control of IBM over the Lotus 1-2-3 application that supported the file extension .dvc, it was transformed into a well rounded application, and converted into a product suite, which expanded its capabilities with the inclusion of Word Pro, Organizer, Freelance Graphics, and the program Approach. All of these programs formed the components of the Lotus SmartSuite, which was designed to take advantage of; today's Internet capabilities, demands for management of personal information; graphics based communication presentation applications, and database management solutions.

The file extension .dvc generating application is also available in a stand-alone edition for those who are merely interested in spreadsheet programs. The Lotus 1-2-3 program that applied the file extension .dvc was considered as the first fully functional, feature rich spreadsheet software application that improved and solidified the role of PCs in endeavors like accounting, banking and other financial management tasks. The application gives a cost effective solution that meets the requisites of individual and enterprise users aimed at increasing productivity and data exchange.

The software name 1-2-3 of the application that generated the file extension .dvc, was derived from the program's three primary functionalities; aside from the being a popular spreadsheet tool, it has inherent graphing and charting features, and basic database capabilities. The Lotus program associated with the .dvc file extension, has the capacity to sort data within an identified rectangular area based on two chosen column details and text justification features, made it an alternative word processing utility.

Pop-up menus were keyboard driven with single key command execution, that resulted in a swift operation that centered on user friendly features like the incorporation of context based help files accessible via the function key F1 (one of the earliest association of the key), and further improved with the use of add-in codes and macro commands. This prompted third party software vendors to create packages that can be incorporated into the file extension .dvc, to further widen its potentials.

Succeeding versions of the program still supported the .dvc file extension, with some minor additions like syntax for macros, and utilization of BASIC interpreter-like instruction sets.

Author: IBM
Author URL:
Related Applications: Lotus 1-2-3
Common Path: C:/ Program Files/ Lotus/


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The Common Cause of .DVC files Errors:

.DVC files errors are potential serious Windows registry errors and are frequently brought on by a damaged registry that needs to be repaired at once to avoid even further damage in other software and/or hardware. Receiving these errors places your personal computer in danger for fatal crashes, blue screen errors and even hardware failure.

Symptoms of .DVC files Errors:

Common symptoms from .DVC files errors include poor pc performance, excessive application start up times, trouble opening documents, long suspensions in program procedures, programs closes without an error message, screen freezing and software crash.

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What is the .DVC File Extension?    |    Repair .DVC File Errors    |    How to Fix .DVC File Extension Errors