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What is the .DW2 File Extension?

.DW2 File Extension Description:

The DW2 file extension is a log file that is used with the Death Watch Web Crawler. The Death Watch Web Crawler is a utility that is used for developing personal desktop web crawlers. Files in the .dw2 file extension contain crawl logs and the list of actions that occur while using a created web crawler. Files in the .dw2 file extension also maintain listings of log files of each request that is made to the server. The Death Watch personal search engine can run on any machine on Windows that have an installed .NET Framework.

Web crawlers, web robots, or web spiders, are automated scripts or programs that browse the Internet in an automated and methodical manner. Most search engines utilize web crawling to provide the latest information and data. A Web crawler is typically used to make copies of all web pages visited, for processing later by the search engine, which indexes the pages to give fast searches. Web crawlers are also used to automate the tasks to maintain the website, like validating HTML codes, and checking links. It can also be used to obtain particular information from the Web, like email addresses that is usually used for spamming.

The DW2 file extension is appended to created files that will hold log information in the personal web crawler developed in Death Watch. Files in the .dw2 file extension are able to hold information about requests made on the web crawler. Projects created in the open source project, Death Watch Web Crawler, can start with a directory of seeds or URLs to view. As these URLs are visited, a web crawler pinpoints the hyperlinks in a web page, and it will then add it to the directory of web addresses to visit.

This list or directory is also identified as a crawl frontier, and these URLs are revisited according to certain rules and policies. Web crawler behavior is defined by a combination of selection policies that state the pages to be downloaded; a re-visit policy that checks the changes on the pages; a politeness policy that states how to prevent the overload of web sites, and a parallelization policy that says how to coordinate the distributed web crawlers.

Author: DeathWatch Web Crawler Project
Author URL:
Related Applications: DeathWatch Web Crawler
Common Path: C:/ Program Files/


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The General Cause of .DW2 files Errors to Occur:

When you receive errors with .DW2 files you are in all likelihood receiving a critical Windows error - the error can be the effect of damage to your registry and action is required to correct it immediately to avoid further damage to the file system. During the time the errors persist your system stays capable of likely blue screen errors, system failure and fatal crashes.

What are the Symptoms of .DW2 files Errors?

Common symptoms with .DW2 files errors include reduced system speed, extended program start up speed, problems loading documents, excessive pauses in application functions, programs closing without displaying an error, screen freezes and applications lock up.

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