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What is the .ECC File Extension?

.ECC File Extension Description:

The file extension .ecc is a proprietary file format implemented by the security application Essential Taceo. The .ecc file extension performs the role of a Crypto Container, obviously with reference to the encryption or cryptographic techniques employed by the application, to provide user protection. The .ecc file extension is produced upon the implementation of the protection technology provided by the software application, on the contents (images, documents, etc.) of electronic mails. The security feature provided by the file extension .ecc, allows only the intended receiver to open a protected file, including functionalities that disallows printing, copying, and pasting of secured documents and emails.

In order to activate the anti-theft feature of the application in the context of emails created with the Microsoft Outlook application, the user can invoke the Send Secure Outlook add-in, to make the option available on the toolbar. The intended recipient can proceed to securely access the TaceoMail, which is provided with encryption protection, by using the Taceo Viewer module.

The file extension .ecc can implement different degrees of security that can be defined through the Microsoft Outlook toolbar, which includes Protect Attachments Only (body of the message is accessible), Allow Printing (can be printed with the use of Taceo Viewer), Allow Exporting/ Enable Outlook Message Threading (original contents of email are decrypted within Microsoft Outlook), and Set Timing Rights (document protection has date and time constraints).

The defined functionality provided by the file extension .ecc, allows small enterprises to send secured files and messages swiftly, to any entity without sacrificing privacy. The security protocol maintained the .ecc file extension is implemented not only during transit, but remains upon delivery with the level of protection being dictated by the sender, based on the perceived importance of the transmitted data.

The application that creates the file extension .ecc extends its security features to data formats that are created by the Microsoft Office productivity suite, which includes PDF, BMP, GIF, TIFF, JPEG and other formats that can be easily protected by the use of the drag and drop technology of Taceo. The file extension .ecc can also sometimes be seen in Ecchi file formats, which are essentially anime files produced for mature audiences because of their sexual overtones.

Author: Essential Security Software, Inc.
Author URL:
Related Applications: Essential Taceo
Common Path: C:/ Program Files/


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What Causes .ECC files Errors?

When experiencing errors with .ECC files you are potential receiving a severe Windows file error - this error might be the effect of damage to your registry and action is needed to fix it right away to avoid additional damage to the registry. Having these errors puts your PC in danger for fatal crashes, blue screen errors and even hardware failure.

Symptoms of .ECC files Errors:

.ECC files error symptoms include software lock ups, system shut down or start up problems, slow system operation, sluggish behaviour, screen freeze, beeping sounds, trouble loading application files as well as problems during software installs.

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Repair .ECC File Errors    |    What is the .ECC File Extension?    |    How to Fix .ECC File Extension Errors