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What is the .EDQ File Extension?

.EDQ File Extension Description:

The file extension .edq is associated with the audio archiving operation of the Ensoniq keyboard, which provides MIDI and synthesizer functionality to the user. The .edq file extension is more specifically described as the disk image file associated with the Ensoniq SQ1, SQ2 and KS32 product lines, which were characterized by simple designs, aimed more at productivity and ease of use for the owner. The keyboard layout tells the user the functions of every button, along with the text displayed on the screen. MIDI functions of the device are located on a single button that makes for easier switching among internal sounds manipulated by the vsti.

A disk image like the .edq file in general is a reproduction of the functionality and contents of larger files compressed within a smaller capacity storage device. Commonly, disk image files tend to use the formats ISO, BIN, IMG, DMG and CUE. However, the .edq file extension is a proprietary format that belongs to the Ensoniq product line, and specifically identifies a disk image created by the device. S

Since the keyboard has limited built-in storage capacity, the ideal way of storing audio files was to create disk images with the .edq file extension, and transfer them to the hard drive of the computer where the actual file size can be accommodated. Prior to the inception of the disk imaging technology, backing up of files and transferring of larger files was a tedious process, mainly due to the lack of available transfer media at the time.

Disk images can contain anywhere from a single file to the contents of an entire hard drive, and would require an appropriate software application to encode and decode the created disk image. However, the file extension .edq cannot be read by many third party disk imaging tools, and would require special applications, which can handle the specific format.

The file extension .edq is also associated with the file formats GHK, EDA, EDE, EDK, EDS, EDT and EDV, which all connote a specific Ensoniq synthesizer model. The advantage of applications that can read the .edq file extension is that it can recognize other Ensoniq proprietary extensions, which makes it easier for users to have a standard disk imaging application no matter what Ensoniq model they are using.

Newer disk imaging applications that can open the .edq file extension provide simple user interface with drag and drop functionality, and allows the user to view the contents of the file. Decompressing the contents of the disk image would depend on the user's preference whether to restore all the contents of the .edq file extension, or to retrieve only certain portions of the disk image.

Author: E-MU Systems
Author URL: http://www.emu.com/
Related Applications: Ensoniq Disk Tools, ensoniqunpacker, OmniFlop
Common Path: C:/ Program Files/


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The Cause for .EDQ files Errors:

.EDQ files errors are possibly critical Windows registry errors and many times are brought on by a defective registry that should be rectified immediately to prevent additional damage in other software and/or devices. Experiencing these errors puts your system in danger for fatal crashes, blue screen errors as well as hardware failure.

Symptoms of .EDQ files Errors:

Typical symptoms with .EDQ files errors include reduced computer speed, extended program start up speed, trouble saving documents, extended pauses in program routines, programs exits without showing an error message, screen freezing and applications crash.

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