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What is the .EFK File Extension?

.EFK File Extension Description:

The file extension .efk was produced and developed by Ensoniq, which was one of the companies that pioneered the concept of high fidelity audio reproduction in computer systems. The company that uses the .efk file extension initially came on the scene, when Apple Computer required Sound Synthesis Chips to be installed in the Apple IIg computer line, and introduced the 8-bit audio chip IIRC.

Backed by an excellent product line, the Ensoniq devices that produced the file extension .efk became a favorite of many audiophiles and various kinds of musicians for many years, prior to its acquisition by Creative Technology. The company, which popularized the presence of the .efk file extension, was composed of the musical instruments, hearing aids and multimedia divisions, with the Ensoniq Keyboard being produced under the musical instruments division, which became a direct competitor of more costly high end keyboards from Korg and Yamaha.

The file extension .efk is specifically identified with the Ensoniq KT model keyboard synthesizer, which was commonly used in the production operation of music studios. The .efk file extension sound format was created by the synthesized, characterized, weighted keys and excellent piano patches that can please even the most trained piano enthusiasts. The engine of the synthesizer responsible for producing the file extension .efk is capable of replicating reverse waves functions and equalizer features, combined with the pedal control for the aftertouch, mod wheel, and sounds.

The KT model of Ensoniq synthesizers produced clean sounds with analog emulation and digitally filtered resonance. The file extension .efk related to the Master Disk compilation offered 640 sounds that provides additional functionality for rock, pop, ethnic, gospel and worship, new age, and even country sound to the synthesizer.

The Ensoniq KT model that produced the .efk file extension featured acoustic simulation, 32 polyphonies, 16 multi-timbrals, oscillators, controllers, 16 various effects, 100 memory patches and a drum section. The Ensoniq KT synthesizer is also equipped with two audio outputs (not counting the headphone), one MIDI out and one MIDI in, with an upgrade option to add ROM, which can accommodate waves developed by third party vendors.

Author: E-MU Systems
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Related Applications: Chicken Systems Translator
Common Path: User Defined


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The Cause for .EFK files Errors:

.EFK files errors are possibly serious Windows file errors and may be caused due to a broken registry that should be repaired immediately to protect against even further failure in other applications and/or hardware. During the time the errors remain your personal computer stays capable of possible blue screen errors, device failure and fatal crashes.

Symptoms of .EFK files Errors:

Common symptoms with .EFK files errors include reduced system performance, excessive program load speed, trouble opening documents, excessive suspensions in software routines, software closing without an error message, screen halts and programs lock up.

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Repair .EFK File Errors    |    What is the .EFK File Extension?    |    How to Fix .EFK File Extension Errors