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What is the .EFQ File Extension?

.EFQ File Extension Description:

The file extension .efq was a sound format generated by the digital workstation keyboard Ensoniq SQ1, SQ2, and KS-32, until Creative Technology acquired the company in 1998. The .efq file extension is the sound file specifically associated with the three types of hybrid digital-analog synthesizers. The ESQ-1, which generates the file extension .efq, features three digital oscillators for each of its eight voices, with each oscillator being set to any of its 32 various waveforms. Every oscillator had 256 steps volume control for the DCA (and not VCA) associated component.

Additional features found on the .efq file extension generating keyboard, was three LFOs, four-pole resonant filter, four envelope generators, and VCA for right and left panning. The 61 velocity sensitive keys can create sounds with the file extension .efq, that implements MIDI effects and saves within the 40 memory patches, memory cartridge slot, or in an eight-track sequencer. The .efq file extension may not be accessible to other versions of the keyboard synthesizer.

The ESQ-1 was introduced in the market as a cost effective synthesizer workstation, capable of producing high quality audio files that implemented the .efq file extension, and built on the successful predecessor Ensoniq Mirage. The design of the ESQ-1 allowed it to sound like an analog synthesizer, while flashing the capabilities inherent in synthesizers, with digitally controlled components and making the .efq file extension supported device resistant to commonly associated analog synthesizer tuning problems.

An additional digital trait found on the ESQ-1 was that it had no visible knobs and two faders only, with one being the volume control slider. Majority of the programming and manipulation of audio and sound files like the .efq file extension, were done with soft buttons and the other data slider, which was controlled with specific parameters similar to the programming process of the Yamaha DX7, which at the time was undeniably the digital synthesizer of choice.

The apparent advantage for the .efq file extension generating musical device is that the internal modules of its envelopes were equipped with dedicated selection functions, eliminating the need to scroll the parameters to look for what the user needs.

Despite being overshadowed by more popular digital synthesizers like the Korg M1, Roland D-50 and Yamaha DX7, the ESQ-1 maintained a distinct sound that stood above the rest, and can be readily identified even when listening to the .efq file extension sound files it produced.

Author: E-MU Systems
Author URL:
Related Applications: Chicken Systems Translator, KSEdit, Ensoniq Editor/Librarian
Common Path: User Defined


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Symptoms of .EFQ files Errors:

.EFQ files errors bring forth a range of symptoms, including but not limited to: pc locks while starting up or shutting down, softwares lock up, reduced system performance, built-in speaker beeping, trouble saving files, sluggish behaviour and problems installing software.

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