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What is the .EXM File Extension?

.EXM File Extension Description:

The HP Palmtop applies the .exm file extension in relation to its System Manager programs, which is a vital element especially for developers interested in System Management programming. The .exm file extension can tap into built-in functions of the System Manager, including interfacing with other handheld devices. HP in partnership with Lotus undertook research and development of different tools that can be applied in testing, compiling, and assembling file extension .exm types, with the ability to convert .exm file extensions to EXE format files that are readily executed on the computer system.

The file extension .exm is also associated with the NKIT, which is practically a set of application source codes written in C language; to generate .exm file extension based applications. The header file of NKIT is almost the same as that produced by HP, although more extensive and can be compiled with LSI-C86 and Turbo C compilers. The file extension .exm converter is compatible with System Manager library interfaces, and floating-point arithmetic contained in the library of Turbo C, but not incorporated with the HP toolkit. An example of the file extension .exm compiled with NKIT is BASICEXM, which was done on HP Palmtop Paper.

In launching applications generated from .exm file extensions, the System Manager will load the application to verify if it is compliant to its specifications, based on incorporated indicators. The executables loaded by the System Manager retains the .exm file extension, and are inherently distinct from their EXE counterparts. The System Manager will verify if the file extension .exm contains 0x444C code at the start instead of 0x4D5A (identifies EXE types), and will proceed to allocate space for variables once confirmed. The E2M tool included in the HP toolkit is capable of converting EXE format to .exm file extension via the MAP compiler file.

The file extension .exm is also applied as the Test File for the RapidExam application, which functions as an assessment examination. This application uses the .exm file extension to deploy customized multimedia exams and certifications that are used by corporations to establish employee proficiency and features reporting, analysis, tracking and scoring capabilities.

Author: XStream Software, Hewlett-Packard Development Company, L.P.
Author URL:
Related Applications: RapidExam, HP System Manager
Common Path: C:/


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The Cause for .EXM files Errors:

When receiving errors with .EXM files you are in all likelihood receiving a serious Windows file system error - the error might be the result of damage to your program registry and you should move to fix it right away to avoid additional damage to your operating system. As long as the errors persist your personal computer remains capable of potential blue screen errors, system failure and fatal crashes.

Symptoms of .EXM files Errors:

Common symptoms with .EXM files errors include slower system performance, excessive application start up speed, trouble saving files, extended suspensions in application routines, programs shuts down without an error, input freezes and programs crash.

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