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What is the .F90 File Extension?

.F90 File Extension Description:

Source codes written in Fortran 90 are saved with the F90 file extension. FORTRAN is a programming language that is widely used for numeric applications. Its users consist mostly of scientists and engineers, in areas of scientific and numeric computing. It is used intensively in fields such as computational physics, computational chemistry, climate modeling, computational fluid mechanics, financial computing, and finite element analysis.

The programming language FORTRAN that makes use of the F90 file extension is still continuously preferred, because of its backward compatibility to older programs, and its recent release has new features, which further improve its capability. Because of its wide audience, FORTAN compilers are now available for any type of computer system.

Fortran 90 is the standard adapted by both American National Standards Institute or ANSI, and International Standards Organization or ISO, for the programming language in 1991. There was a need to set a standard because of the need for the program to be compatible due to its fast development. Adhering to these standards ensures the language's promise of portability or the ease for the language to be moved from one computer system to another.

Fortran 90 replaces its predecessor Fortran 77. Fortran 90 contains a large number of new features many of which are already widely used in other high level programming languages. Thus, this makes programming easier, and helps in creating portable and robust programs. The defunct Fortran 77 does not use the F90 file extension, since its source code is different, but it is still included as a subset; therefore, existing standard-conforming FORTRAN programs will automatically follow this new standard.

Source codes with the F90 file extension implement these new features as provided by the new FORTRAN standard. The source code having the file extension F90 has a free form source input, which also uses lower case FORTRAN keywords. It contains identifiers which totals up to 31 characters in length. It is also capable of accepting inline comments.

The F90 file extension can work on arrays as a whole, and contains recursive procedures. It has better argument passing methods and a user defined interface. It also has operator overloading, abstract/derived data types, dynamic memory allocation, structured looping construction, and user defined specification of numerical precision, and improved intrinsic procedures.

Author: FORTAN
Author URL: http://www.fortran.com/
Related Applications: Absoft Pro Fortran, Intel Fortran Compiler
Common Path: N/A


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The General Cause of .F90 files Errors:

Upon encountering errors with .F90 files you are likely experiencing a serious Windows registry error - the error can be the effect of damage to your registry and action is needed to correct it right away to avoid additional corruption to your file system. Risks include device damage, blue screen errors and fatal software crashes.

.F90 files Errors - Common Symptoms:

Common symptoms with .F90 files errors include poor computer performance, excessive software start up times, trouble loading documents, extended breaks in application functions, applications exits without displaying an error, screen freezes and programs crash.

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