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What is the .FAM File Extension?

.FAM File Extension Description:

The file extension .fam is used by two applications, each with its own unique file type and usage. What is common for the two programs using the FAM format is their relation to the gaming sphere.

The popular gaming simulation The Sims utilizes the .fam file format in saving the data from the game, more specifically, in one of its game versions Family Life. There are other versions of the hit gaming series, but the file extensions for those are different. The .fam file extension serves as identification for the Family Life expansion for game data retrieval. Saved games by the user in the .fam file format are rendered in the game environment with different settings, user defined controls, characters, status of the virtual characters, and others. The .fam file extension offers gamers the chance to temporarily suspend their simulation without the trouble and worry of a lost file.

The .fam format is a portable file, which is accessible with other Family Life installations in other computer systems. This provides gamers with the convenience and added satisfaction that their game may be replayed and continued in other computers than their own.

Another program that uses the FAM file format is Nintendo and its supporting emulation applications. The .fam file extension is used to identify the file as a personal computer platform compatible with a Nintendo game. Originally created for the Family Computer platform and Nintendo Entertainment System's 8-bit gaming cartridges, the .fam file format allows these 8-bit code batches to be played on a more modern system using an emulator program.

This allows gamers and old school gaming aficionados to relive the games outdated and outmoded without having to worry about hardware platform issues, as well as operating system incompatibility.

There are several Nintendo emulators available in the Internet and there is basically one common protocol that these programs do to access the .fam files. The emulator program loads the .fam file and converts the original 8-bit code and expands it to at least a 16-bit format so that the game become compatible with the current operating system. If the system requires a conversion of bit type to a higher format, then the emulator does so with these .fam files. Graphics and sound, which are both part of the 8-bit encoded data, retain their rather old and primitive characteristics.

Author: Maxis, Nintendo
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Related Applications: The Sims Family Life, various NES emulators
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The Typical Reason for .FAM files Errors:

When encountering errors with .FAM files you are likely experiencing a serious Windows error - your error might be the effect of corruption in your program registry and action is needed to fix it immediately to prevent further damage to your registry. Dangers include system device failure, blue screen errors and fatal crashes.

.FAM files Errors - Common Symptoms:

.FAM files error symptoms include software crashes, start up or shut down problems, slow personal computer operation, sluggish behaviour, input freezing, beeping sounds, problems saving application files as well as problems during program installation.

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