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What is the .FFIVW File Extension?

.FFIVW File Extension Description:

Files with the .ffivw extension are associated with ASCII file formats, for the Interchange of Virtual Worlds or VRML (Virtual Reality Modeling Language). The extension was meant to be a VRML file format, which is a platform-independent language that could be utilized to build virtual reality scene designs. A virtual world is a simulated environment, wherein computers connect users through the Internet. It becomes possible to interact with other people from other places through sight and sound. The FFIVM file extension describes virtual objects and worlds, and acts as an interchange medium to convert one VRML format to another.

Recently, there has been a need to standardize file format in order to store descriptions of individual objects and entire worlds. The FFIVW file extension was created to serve the purpose of allowing third party developers to generate and distribute objects, which can be accessed by all virtual reality communities. In other words, the FFIVW file extension provides an interchange format that can connect virtual worlds.

A web browser connects to a web page or a VRML file, when a user clicks on a graphical component associated with a URL. The VRML file format represents 3D interactive vector graphics. The files with the .ffivw file extension are a stream of printable ASCII characters. This type of format makes it readable by humans and can be printed on paper, written or edited using a text editor, sent via email, and other such actions. There are no restrictions on factors such as word lengths, byte-ordering, and floating-point formats, which makes the ASCII format advantageous for users.

The FFIVW file extension was actually one of several candidates that sought to be an answer to the problem of implementing distributed virtual reality on the Internet. The interchange format that was needed had to be a kind of Internet routing protocol, and not like what the DNS and domain names are based on, which is basically the need for a central registry. This was how the proposal for the FFIVW file extension came about. The authors presented their solution on how to standardize the Virtual Reality industry.

Author: Bernie Roehl and Kerry Bonin
Author URL:
Related Applications: ASCII File Format for the Interchange of Virtual Worlds
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The Common Cause of .FFIVW files Errors:

A typical and frequent reason for .FFIVW files errors is failure in the Windows registry - fixing is required to prevent further harm in other applications and/or hardware devices. Dangers include hardware failure, blue screen errors and fatal crashes.

What are the Symptoms of .FFIVW files Errors?

.FFIVW files error symptoms include program crashes, system start up or shut down problems, slow personal computer performance, laggy behaviour, screen halts, internal speaker beeps, problems accessing documents as well as issues while installing programs.

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