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What is the .FNI File Extension?

.FNI File Extension Description:

the FileNet IDM produces the file extension .fni, which is commonly deployed in management of business processes and contents in an enterprise environment. The file extension .fni is an element of the framework used in developing customized systems, which provide better ready to use functionality that can be easily managed, to tailor fit for specific business practices. This application which falls under the BPM (Business Process Management) and ECM (Enterprise Content Management) classifications are deployed in over 90 countries, providing support to various types and sizes of organizations.

The introduction of the Integrated Document Management (IDM) scheme associate with the file extension .fni, produced the FileNet IDM which was rebranded to the Panagon Software Suite, that included Image Services (previously named IMS); Content Services (EDM solutions); Report Manager (COLD solution); Desktop (newly introduced user interface); Web Services; and eProcess(Workflow Automation). The introduction of this software package broadened the implementation of the .fni file extension and super charged it with new capabilities, with the inception of newly deployed interface tools and solutions.

Implementation of the file extension .fni gives the user standard interface that allows quick execution of commonly used features like faxing, spreadsheet, scanning, word processing, report generation, data exchange, including video and audio deployment. Linking of documents via the .fni file extension produces compound documents that can be used for the check-in procedure. Collaboration is made possible by controlling and editing OLE sub-documents of Microsoft based application, with the support of extensive ActiveX controls that allows easy incorporation to Microsoft Office components. The COM objects related to the file extension .fni provides entry to repositories of FileNet, including management of attachments made to Lotus Notes.

The file extension .fni can be easily integrated by customizing IDM Desktop, which allows for a cost effective solution that can hasten and streamline program development. The extensive toolkit significantly lowers the development time and complexity of utilizing the .fni file extension, which results in simplified administration and deployment procedures. To utilize the FileNet IDM file extension .fni, the system must be running Microsoft Windows Server 2003 SP1, or the 2003 R2 32-bit Standard edition of the Operating System.

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Related Applications: FileNet IDM
Common Path: User Defined


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The Reason for .FNI files Errors:

When you get errors with .FNI files you are potential experiencing a severe Windows file system error - this error can be the outcome of corruption in your program registry and action is required to correct it right away to avert additional corruption to your operating system. Experiencing these errors puts your PC in danger for fatal crashes, blue screen errors and even system device failure.

Symptoms of .FNI files Errors:

.FNI files error symptoms include software lock ups, shut down or start up troubles, slow computer performance, sluggish behaviour, screen freeze, internal speaker beeps, problems accessing documents as well as errors while installing software.

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