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What is the .FOX File Extension?

.FOX File Extension Description:

The FOX file extension is used as the data file for InfoZoom, a useful tool for displaying and analyzing large amounts of structured data sets. Data files created for viewing by the InfoZoom program, displays extensive volumes of data clearly, by sorting and combining individual cell contents. It eliminates the need to scroll on the screen in all different directions. Files in the .fox file extension shows data that lets users navigate to data regions that are relevant to these tasks, with just a click of the mouse. It is as if the user is using a magnifying glass, and in seconds, locates the information that he needs.

InfoZoom has a continuous zoom feature that lets users delve deep into the data set without having to lose track of things. The navigation menu in InfoZoom is shown much like an Internet browser, so that even novice users can take advantage of the product. Files in the .fox file extension are created by InfoZoom for its data files, to enable users to utilize the visualization software to display large volumes of tabular data. It is mainly developed for business analysis, and can also be used in several other areas. It works similarly to a zoom lens and users can magnify easily, any portion of information, and quickly locate dependencies in data that are hidden in the data set. InfoZoom defined the .fox file extension so that its import tool can convert Microsoft Excel files or text files into that format. In addition, users can also access data via the OLE DB or ODBC connection.

Imported files from other applications are stored into a data file with the .fox file extension. InfoZoom offers three modes for viewing, which are compressed table, wide table and overview. In a compressed table, all of the object columns are pushed together to be able to fit records into one screen width. In this view, converted files with the .fox file extension can be sorted by individual attributes in a decreasing or ascending order. In the wide table view, it is shown as a classic 2D table, wherein every record is in a column and every attribute is contained in a row. The table can be scrolled horizontally or vertically, if the window is not large enough to hold the records together. Lastly, in an Overview mode, contents of every attribute row are sorted independently of one another.

Author: HumanIT Software
Author URL:
Related Applications: InfoZoom Software, Microsoft Excel
Common Path: C:/ Programs/ InfoZoom/


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What Causes .FOX files Errors?

When encountering errors with .FOX files you are in all likelihood having a severe Windows file error - your error can be the result of damage in your registry and action is required to correct it right away to avoid additional corruption to the program registry. During the time the errors remain your PC remains in danger of likely blue screen errors, hardware failure and fatal crashes.

What are the Symptoms of .FOX files Errors?

.FOX files error symptoms include software lock ups, shut down or start up troubles, slow computer performance, sluggish behaviour, input freezing, beeping sounds, problems accessing documents and issues during software installation.

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