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What is the .FPC File Extension?

.FPC File Extension Description:

The file extension .fpc is a unique format used by Microsoft's FoxPro application, which stands for Visual FoxPro Catalog File. This .fpc catalog format is accessed by the executable program for its data organization and allows entry into modules within the program's data-centric programming. The files with the .fpc format store valuable information on preset data and procedural calls used in the interface and object-oriented assembly.

The files with the FPC format support the FLAMES framework, which stands for Flexible Analysis Modeling and Exercise System. It is a type of data framework used in developing simulations and progressive interfaces between objects and constructs. The file extension .fpc also allows the cross development and analysis of simulations of the project in different aspects, such as virtual and live.

The file format .fpc is also regarded as a high level container of archived records and catalog storage. This is used in database management, wherein the catalog file serves as a master list of all the sub listings in the existing database. A series of these catalog files are then saved in a compiled file format DBF.

Microsoft Visual FoxPro accesses these catalogs of different data lists via a graphical user interface, wherein the system developer chooses the appropriate .fpc file to be used in the project. Upon confirmation of request, the program accesses and retrieves the specified catalog file and uses the data encoded in it.

Files in the FPC format have file traits that do not allow data inheritance from other catalog files in the system. As each catalog file is specific to the system, they are characterized for uniqueness based on the internal data structure.

Author: Microsoft Corporation
Author URL: http://www.microsoft.com
Related Applications: Visual FoxPro
Common Path: N/A


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What Causes .FPC files Errors to Occur?

When you encounter errors with .FPC files you are potential having a serious Windows registry error - this error may be the result of corruption in your registry and action is needed to correct it at once to prevent further corruption to your operating system. Receiving these errors puts your computer in danger for fatal crashes, blue screen errors and even device failure.

.FPC files Errors - Common Symptoms:

.FPC files errors produce many symptoms, including but not limited to: personal computer locks on start up or shut down, applications freeze up, diminished personal computer performance, built-in speaker beeping, trouble loading files, sluggish behaviour and problems installing software.

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