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What is the .G File Extension?

.G File Extension Description:

The file extension .g is used as an Option File by the ANTLR (Another Tool for Language Recognition) application, which was previously named PCCTS. It supplies the framework in constructing translators, compilers and recognizers, implemented in grammatical descriptions that include Python, C++, C# or Java instructions. The .g file extension has extensive support for error reporting and recovery, tree walking and construction, and even translation that is attributed to its popular usage with approximately 5,000 sources downloaded every month.

The development environment supporting the file extension .g is named ANTLRWorks, which was created by Jean Bovet for the language that was introduced in 1989. Language recognizers are constructed automatically by the program, which takes the formal grammar, and produces an application that analyzes which part of the structured sentence, conforms to the applied language; simply put, it is an application that generates other applications.

The file extension .g derives functionality from the grammar's additional code snippets, which transforms the recognizer into an interpreter or language translator. Another contributory factor to the wide acceptance of the file extension .g and its associated application is its flexible, robust, user friendly, and human readable yield that is accompanied by a BSD licensed source code.

MicroPlanet Gravity applies the file extension .g in relation to its News Database feature, which is an integral element of the Windows-based news client application. The file extension .g is used by the program since its inception in 1996, where it was presented as a shareware and later on adopted as a freeware, until to its current status as a BSD licensed Open Source program. The program that supports the file extension .g can be downloaded either in a compiled binary or executable version, with an accompanying source code to guide the user in modifying certain registry entries.

The file extension .g helps to bring current news to users, by tapping to the news database using the installed client on his system. Some notable upgrades done on the client include the removal of the customization feature for the toolbar, because it was a licensed development that could not be incorporated into the Open Source program. The GravityBackup and Gallery tools can be installed separately after being downloaded from the host site. Users can revert to previous versions of the program, by changing some entries on the registry or via clean install.

Author: Terence Parr, SourceForge
Author URL:
Related Applications: ANTLR, MicroPlanet Gravity
Common Path: User Defined


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The Reason for .G files Errors:

.G files errors are potential serious Windows registry errors and may be brought on because of a faulty program registry that needs to be repaired at once to avoid even further damage in other applications and/or hardware. As long as the errors continue your personal computer remains in danger of potential blue screen errors, device failure and fatal crashes.

.G files Errors - Common Symptoms:

.G files errors bring on many symptoms, such as: pc locks on start up or shut down, softwares freeze up, diminished computer speed, case speaker beeping, problems accessing documents, slow system behaviour and problems installing programs.

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