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What is the .G8 File Extension?

.G8 File Extension Description:

The file extension .g8 is associated with the PictureMaker application, developed and marketed by Cubicomp Corporation as an animation software package. The file extension .g8 is specifically identified with the image data generated by the application on the Green channel. The Cubicomp system supported by the .g8 file extension was very distinct from other graphics card adapters in its class, because it was situated outside the computer casing with its own unique chassis, which was referred to as the Frame Buffer. The PictureMaker application created by the company and associated with the file extension .g8, is one of the earlier DOS based SGI solutions in the market, which was implemented by distinguished institutions like Caltech.

The system that created the file extension .g8 was a 3D animation solution designed for the IBM PC, tapping the potentials of the 80286 Intel microprocessor that had an eight megahertz rated speed. During that time, the IBM PC AT (short for Advanced Technology) represented one of the best computer hardware technologies, capable of rendering animations supported by the file extension .g8 on a frame by frame process. Despite the relatively long time it took to render an animated scene, the result was more than adequate compared to the standards of modern 3D animation solutions, taking into account the available hardware then.

A typical Cubicomp system that generated the file extension .g8 is composed of an 80386 (successor to the 80286) microprocessor with math coprocessor, four megabytes of RAM, approximately 70 megabytes of hard drive space, and a video board controller. The file extension .g8 was one of the earlier file types that benefited from the production of millions of colors in a single frame.

Every frame created with the file extension .g8 is about 100 to 700 kilobytes in size, with thirty frames making up a single second sequence of animation. The same standards apply to modern animation solutions, where the unit of measurement remains at frames per second (fps), with 30fps being the common implemented standard.

Author: Cubicomp
Author URL: http://www.cubicomp.com/
Related Applications: PictureMaker
Common Path: C:/


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What Causes .G8 files Errors to Occur?

A common and likely reason for .G8 files errors is damage in the Windows registry - fixing is essential to avoid additional damage in other applications and/or hardware devices. Risks include system device failure, blue screen errors and fatal software crashes.

What are the Symptoms of .G8 files Errors?

Common symptoms from .G8 files errors include slower computer performance, excessive software load speed, trouble opening files, long breaks in software functions, software exits without an error message, screen freezes and software lock up.

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What is the .G8 File Extension?    |    Repair .G8 File Errors    |    How to Fix .G8 File Extension Errors