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What is the .GFB File Extension?

.GFB File Extension Description:

files created with GIFBLAST, a lossless file compression program especially designed for reading and further compressing the already compressed GIF files, use The GFB file extension. GIF, short for Graphical Interchange Format, is a bitmap image format with 8-bits per pixel resolution. It was introduced in 1987 and since then became popular in the World Wide Web due to its portability and wide support.

The usual file compressors such as PKZIP, ARJ, or ZOO do not work on GIF files; only GIFBLAST does. When you run GIFBLAST to compress a GIF files, you get compressed files with the .gfb file extension that are usually 20-25% smaller than their original source. These files can be uncompressed back to GIF files with also no loss of information so that GIF file viewers can read them.

GIFBLAST compresses the files with the .gfb file extension by reducing their number of colors. This means that the less colors you have, the smaller the file size will be. Files with the .gfb file extension are best suited for simple line drawings, logos, and text that set certain colors within the image to be transparent. Thus, when the image is placed on the colored background, the background color will show through on the transparent part of the image.

GIFBLAST is recommended for applications such as storing files with the .gfb file extension on BBS and posting them to Usenet. Because GIFBLAST perfectly preserves all files with the .gfb file extension, the user need not be concerned with harming the images or introducing compression artifacts.

When compressing GIF files with GIFBLAST, the full command line is as follows:

GIFBLAST [<option>] [<additional options>] file1 [file2 ...]

For the possible options, the following can be used:

* -D - this option decompresses files with the .gfb file extension to produce files with GIF files

* -1.1 - this option compresses GIF files, producing GIF files in version 1.1 format

* -C1.1 - converts files with the .gfb file extension from version 2.0 format to version 1.1 format

* -C2.0 - converts files with the .gfb file extension from version 1.1 to version 2.0 formats. The old files with the .gfb file extension are saved with the .bak suffix

If there is no option given, GIFBLAST compresses the given GIF files, producing a corresponding set of files with the .gfb file extension.

For the additional options, the following can be used:

* -LOG logfile - this appends a one-line report on each file to logfile

* -R - this removes the old file when it's done. It will not remove the old file if any problem was detected.

The compressed and decompressed files with the .gfb file extension are not always byte-for-byte identical to the original GIF files. This is because the GIF standard allows some variation in how images are to be encoded, so that an identical image can be encoded as two different GIF files. If you want to confirm that the GIF images are not affected or changed at all, convert both files to an uncompressed format such as TIFF and compare them.

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Related Applications: GIFBLAST
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The Reason for .GFB files Errors:

When you get errors with .GFB files you are potential experiencing a serious Windows file system error - this error can be the effect of corruption in your registry and you should work to repair it immediately to prevent further damage to your file system. As long as the errors remain your PC stays in danger of likely blue screen errors, system failure and fatal crashes.

.GFB files Errors - Common Symptoms:

Typical symptoms with .GFB files errors include poor pc speed, extended software start up speed, problems accessing documents, extended breaks in software functions, applications shuts down without an indication of error, screen halts and applications crash.

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