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What is the .GIF File Extension?

.GIF File Extension Description:

The file extension GIF is also known as a Graphics Interchange Format file, which is classified as a raster image format for software supporting the .gif extension. Similar to other graphical file types, the .gif file format supports up to 256 colors in indexed form, with an included palette set of colors. The .gif file type is of a lossless format, which is a good indicator that compression of images and color allocations does not compromise the image quality. It is characterized as having an 8-bit per pixel format -- the usual setting required for image files to be able to support higher quality image and color renditions.

The file format GIF supports multiple file, low resolution compilations resulting to GIF animations. These .gif file types have the characteristics of a low frame rate video animation, and have the same concept as that of several still shots running at a high speed to generate a moving effect. In a GIF file format that supports animation, the movement is somewhat bulky and rough due to the low number of frames per second.

The use of the GIF format has been widely acknowledged in the computer industry, and is being applied in the simplest of Web page designing to the most complex presentations. Due to its lossless compression, the file format GIF is optimally used in logos and objects with sharp edges.

The limitation of the color rendition of GIF files had seen better days as, currently, improved file formatting and compression for files with the extension .gif allowed it to increase quality. It can also render 24-bit true color images, supporting different levels of Red, Green, and Blue Spectrum.

Another limitation with the maximum 256 colors per pixel issue poses problems with bigger resolutions, as the pixels tend to deviate from one another and create a slight color shade gap. Complex photos and images with deep pixelations of colors used will find it difficult to expand and enlarge images.

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What Causes .GIF files Errors to Occur?

A typical and frequent cause for .GIF files errors is damage in the Windows program registry - fixing is required to protect against more corruption in other software and/or devices. As long as the errors persist your PC stays capable of likely blue screen errors, system failure and fatal crashes.

.GIF files Errors - Common Symptoms:

Typical symptoms from .GIF files errors include reduced system speed, excessive program load times, failure accessing documents, excessive pauses in software routines, software ends without showing an indication of error, input freezing and applications lock up.

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