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What is the .GML File Extension?

.GML File Extension Description:

GML is an acronym for Geography Markup Language, which is a developmental tool, based on the XML representation used in storage, transportation, and modeling of geographic data. The GML tool use the file extension .gml, as the default for all its generated documents that describes geographic features, coordinates referencing, topology, geometry, and other measured values.

The file extension .gml implements a text format that symbolizes attribute and vector information, which conforms to the data interchange specifications of the Open Geospatial Consortium. Commonly deployed as one file accompanied by an XML document, the file extension .gml are usually translated to other file formats, via the use of utilities to extract the nested tag sets, used in defining geometric coordinates and attributes.

In the context of a modeling language, the file extension .gml can be hosted over the Internet, and integrate various forms of geographic data that covers sensor data, discrete objects and conventional vectors. Initially introduced as xGML in 1999, it presented the idea of a GSL (Geographic Styling Language) using the XSL platform that eventually led to the application of XML on geospatial data.

From this concept, the Simple Features XML (SFXML) was conceived and applied to earlier map styles connected to Oracle-based data servers brought about the GML. The GML supported by the file extension .gml introduced; Object Property Value, Remote Properties, and usage of Application Schemas as opposed to Static Schemas.

On the other hand, GeoWeb infrastructures use the file extension .gml as their XML data standard, which enables devices accessing the Internet to tap geographical data, including but not limited to traffic situations and merchant sites. The original version of the file extension .gml was patterned after the RDF (Resource Description Framework) of the WWW Consortium, which was later on expanded with the introduction of primitive sets that are used to create application specific languages.

The GameMaker application also applies the file extension .gml as reference to its Script Files, which helps non-programmers create their own computer games with the help of the programs functionality. The program adapts a drag and drop feature, to allow the user to place backgrounds, music, effects, and animated images to produce a 3D game that is compiled by the application, by interpreting the .gml file extension contents.

The file extension .gml is also used as a Graphscript File by the Graphlet application that is implemented via user interfaces on graph algorithms. The Tcl/Tk based programming tool can be implemented under a Microsoft Windows or UNIX Operating System platform, which is characterized by a graph editor that can be customized with the use of the file extension .gml, and creation of algorithms for graph drawings.

NetRemote associates the file extension .gml with its Configuration File (XML), which allows Windows-based computers or Pocket PCs to control remotely any infrared driven device within its line of sight. The application can automate the entire home system with the full duplex TCP/IP communication implementation.




Author: Ron Lake, YoYo, BRAINSYS Informatiksysteme GmbH, Promixis, LLC
Author URL: http://www.opengeospatial.org/standards/gml
Related Applications: GML, GameMaker, Graphlet, NetRemote, GeoWeb
Common Path: User Defined


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What Causes .GML files Errors?

A typical and frequent reason for .GML files errors is damage in the Windows registry - repairs are necessary to protect against more corruption in other applications and/or devices. During the time the errors persist your computer stays capable of likely blue screen errors, device failure and fatal crashes.

Symptoms of .GML files Errors:

Common symptoms with .GML files errors include reduced computer performance, excessive software load times, trouble opening files, long pauses in software functions, software closing without an error message, screen freezing and programs lock up.

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