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What is the .GPX File Extension?

.GPX File Extension Description:

The .gpx file extension is primarily associated with the data format implemented in software applications that utilize Global Positioning Systems (GPS). The file extension .gpx is used as a file format to exchange GPD data among applications, and the sharing of GPS information between users. The file extension .gpx contains data that is formatted in the GPS Exchange Format that incorporates routes, tracks and waypoints, commonly found in mapping applications. The .gpx file extension implements a standard XML format, which can be read and imported into numerous web services and programs that facilitate the GPS data interchange.

The file extension .gpx is not a proprietary format, hence, it can be shared by various applications that can read and interpret the GPX Exchange Format. As of August 2004, the .gpx file extension was considered as the de facto XML format used in lightweight GPS information exchange, implemented in web services, geocaching, and mapping software applications. A .gpx file extension viewer for example, can use web services like Google Map to create scripts that can display GPS data under the service, utilizing a scripting language like Javascript and requiring only client side scripting.

In order to implement a .gpx file extension into a web page, the user would first need a GPX document that can be created by various software applications that support the format. The next step is to embed the HTML code into the script, then load the Javascript code, which must be saved under the folder where the web page and its components exists. The user can then modify the web page to incorporate the created code under the <head> tag, which will allow him to use the Javascript, and load the .gpx file extension to add map track points. GPS data have grown in use and popularity, especially since their introduction in mobile communication and automobile production.

The file extension .gpx is also used as a file for BASIS, which extends the functionality of the Business BASIC application, or more suitably called BBx. The BBx application integrates modern GUI and potent database management that allow developers to make business applications that are comprehensive, scalable, cost effective, platform independent, and reliable. The .gpx file extension supports the four components of the BBx generation structure that comprises the pillar of the technology.

The BBx also provides the component of Language/Interpreter, which transforms a language from a simple character based interface, to a complex and sensible GUI. The .gpx file extension application, gives programmers interactive languages, that features line based syntax verification with runtime debugging. The application also has the DBMS component that features high speed relational access, and direct navigation of data. The DBMS supported by the file extension .gpx, allows the flexibility of combining SQL statements with table movement, and index access, which allows the programmer to execute queries or to directly open a table from the server. The other components that constitute the BBx technology are the Development and System Administration Tools, which creates a well rounded development environment for the benefit of the system programmer.

Author: GPX Developers Group, BASIS International Ltd.
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Related Applications: GPX Viewer, Garmin GPS, BASIS Suite
Common Path: User Defined


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The Reason for .GPX files Errors:

Upon experiencing errors with .GPX files you are in all likelihood experiencing a severe Windows file system error - the error could be the outcome of damage in your registry and you should act to repair it at once to avoid additional corruption to the registry. Experiencing these errors puts your system in danger for fatal crashes, blue screen errors as well as device failure.

What are the Symptoms of .GPX files Errors?

.GPX files errors bring on many symptoms, such as: personal computer freezes while shutting down or starting up, programs crash, diminished pc performance, built-in speaker beeping, problems opening documents, slow system behaviour and program installation failure.

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