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What is the .GSD File Extension?

.GSD File Extension Description:

Craft Robo or RoboMaster uses the file extension .gsd as its vector graphic data file that is implemented for the Graphtec cutting machines. The file extension .gsd contains vector images that can be loaded to cutting machines, and it can boost their cutting force by up to 50 percent. The .gsd file extension is a proprietary format utilized by the Graphtec application, which allows the cutting of a wider array of media including hard scrapbook paper and complicated shapes.

The application also features an autotracing capability that allows for a fast and accurate cutting operation without sacrificing user safety. The file extension .gsd supports the various templates built-in with the application, or can be downloaded from the web site to create paper toys, cards, games, labels, novelty boxes, stickers and many more, limited only by the user's imagination.

The GSplit file splitter uses the .gsd file extension for its piece files, which are created during the splitting operation of large files. This application is categorized as a file splitter program that can handle various file types that range from music, picture, movie, archive, backup, document files, and almost any file imaginable including compressed archives. The operation of the GSplit takes files with huge sizes and cuts them up to smaller files, which it calls pieces. The pieces use the file extension .gsd to identify them as part of the broken files.

The program uses the file extension .gsd for the two types of pieces it can create; blocked, which is a piece file with a specific size, and disk spanned, which is dependent on the media used for splitting. The software features a Self-Uniting utility that automatically gathers the .gsd file extensions, and professionally restores the split files. Files with the .gsd file extension can be customized and used with command line, or automated batch processing functionality, and can even handle the splitting of files that are greater that 4 GB in size.

The Amiga based graphics software Professional Draw associates the file extension .gsd with its vector graphics. The application is enhanced by an application name Trace, which can convert an IFF bitmap to a structured clip that can be imported into Professional Draw. The .gsd file extension supported application can use any object, and morph or blend it with another object, creating an entirely new entity, while quickly calculating the steps necessary to display the object. Professional Draw provides the user with the functionality of controlling the behavior of the display device based on its inherent display capabilities.

Author: Graphtec, G.D.G. Software, Gold Disk
Author URL:
Related Applications: Craft Robo, GSplit, Professional Draw
Common Path: User Defined


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The Usual Cause of .GSD files Errors:

A typical and frequent explanation for .GSD files errors is failure in the Windows registry - fixing is necessary to prevent more harm in other software and/or devices. During the time the errors continue your computer remains at risk for possible blue screen errors, device failure and fatal crashes.

What are the Symptoms of .GSD files Errors?

Common symptoms with .GSD files errors include reduced system performance, excessive program start up times, problems accessing files, long suspensions in program procedures, software closes without giving an error, screen halts and programs crash.

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